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Technologies chosen with care to enable the most audacious business concepts

To exactly fulfil your strategic objectives and achieve your business KPIs, our team selects application development technologies. The technological stack for your project is chosen based on the following criteria - the technology's maturity, time-validation, and perfect fit with your business objectives.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and data-driven analysis, we address business difficulties. Want to incorporate a cutting-edge digital product into your business plan? Not sure which programming language will work best for your upcoming application? We are available to assist you in making the finest tech solution selection!


Mobile App Development

Delivering the best mobile experiences at scale

Making our cellphones smarter gives us a better understanding of the technology that has the potential to transform the way we operate.


Our team has a plethora of experience creating unique native mobile apps for devices running the Android OS. The Kotlin application development technology can be used to produce any type of functionality, adaptation to company needs, app localization, application of animations, or complicated user interfaces. This technology maintains a fail-fast system and is more concise than Java, its forerunner.


Our company has a wonderful pool of skilled iOS programmers that are knowledgeable about all the nuances of the platform and who keep up with the most recent developments. In comparison to Objective-C, Swift has seen greater usage and improvements, is simpler to maintain, and is a faster, safer, and less error-prone programming language. Our team develops cutting-edge native mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch using Swift as the application development technology.


Our organisation provides Flutter app development services so that you can take advantage of a robust digital experience and flexibility across a variety of devices. It has a single Dart codebase that supports both iOS and Android. It implies that you need a single team and a single codebase for a single project that may simultaneously target iOS and Android.

React Native

You don't have to select just one platform with such a framework; you can obtain both of them. React Native, which has Facebook's support, is the ideal framework for both iOS and Android. You will spend more money developing native apps than cross-platform ones.


Frontend Development

Leveraging the latest front-end development technologies.

We provide top-notch front-end development services to create safe and reliable applications that provide distinctive solutions to satisfy the needs of the client.


World-renowned markup language and development tool HTML5 is mostly used for organising and presenting content over the web. The fifth and most sophisticated version of the HTML family, which has emerged as the norm for developing web applications on the internet, is this one. We have a seasoned team of developers having hands-on experience in building top-notch web applications using HTML5.


Employ our CSS3 development professionals who are knowledgeable about UI/UX design, performance optimization, and creating robust compatibility for your web solutions. Your online solution is in good hands thanks to a combination of post-modern CSS3 web design expertise and years of technological experience.


Bootstrap always includes a selection of free tools and interface elements, providing developers with productive opportunities to design adaptable and responsive web layouts. Whizwafture has professionals in the development of Bootstrap applications who are prepared to create attractive, informational websites in accordance with client requests.


JavaScript is nowadays a well known technology for front-end along with CSS and HTML. With the use of JavaScript, we can create interactive web pages and that is why many popular websites are migrating themselves to JavaScript. As one of the best JavaScript development firms, we are skilled at creating a JS development solution to satisfy your company needs.


One of the top JavaScript frameworks is Angular. Applying this to single-page apps, easy websites, web apps, and complex UI apps is a brilliant idea. This structural front-end software development technique is a component of our experience in building useful web applications with the smallest possible size and highest possible speed.


The open-source React JavaScript library is used to improve user interfaces and build frontends with cutting-edge technology. Without requiring a page reload, it supports big web programmes. It integrates seamlessly with HTML, CSS, JavaScript libraries, and frameworks because to its speed, scalability, and simplicity. Our React development team will serve your web project.


Backend Development

Support your growth with our dependable backend solutions.

Our backend development services create solutions that seamlessly work, meet client’s & market’s needs, and offer a top-notch user experience that increases your client’s loyalty.


PHP, a server-side scripting language, is widely used for developing highly functioning websites and web applications. Being a PHP web development company, we can provide both dynamic web pages and web applications with the advanced use of PHP framework.

Node JS

This open-source solution has JavaScript at its core. One of the software development tools that is frequently used for cross-platform projects with speedy and affordable back ends is node.js. Node.js may now be utilised to construct huge enterprise projects where stability, scalability, and security are priorities, as well as live-streaming apps.


You can create a backend and frontend full-stack web application using the Laravel framework. For reliable PHP development, this flexible tool is the ideal option. For individuals who are currently in the market and want to expand their business presence as well as for startups that need to be online right away, our company offers Laravel web development services.


CodeIgniter is a component of the PHP MVC (Model View Controller) framework, which lets programmers create intricate websites. It has undergone constant development since EllisLab's original release in February 2006 in order to provide cutting-edge web applications. With a variety of potent PHP framework capabilities, our skilled CodeIgniter developers provide high-quality web solutions that are speed-optimized to provide web applications that are focused on outcomes.



Revamp your IT landscape with us

We have experts who can create hyper-scale IT infrastructures using cloud technologies. We want to provide our clients all over the world with cutting-edge IT infrastructure solutions.


Amazon Web Services, which debuted in 2006, continues to be the pinnacle of robust cloud computing. Nothing works better for our conviction that scalable online and mobile apps can be created than AWS. Furthermore, the security of the apps and the data they contain is a key priority for our team of top engineers. As a result of its end-to-end methodology and high level of security, AWS is our top pick for servers.

GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Businesses are gravitating more toward cloud-based infrastructure in the age of big data, analytics, and IoT because it provides the required flexibility to grow and is less expensive. Whizwafture provides Google Cloud Development Services to companies operating across a range of market segments. When you engage with us as a partner, we ensure that all of your concerns regarding infrastructure management, server provisioning, network configuration, etc. are handled by our knowledgeable staff, allowing you to concentrate on other crucial areas of your company.



Easily organize massive amounts of data

Our technology, services, and methods for creating custom databases assist with gathering, organising, and extracting valuable information from enormous amounts of data.


MySQL is a globally popular, easy to use, and open-source database management system that is compatible with all programming languages and operating systems. We at Whizwafture use innovative and powerful methodology for creating dynamic web pages, combining the best of MySQL and PHP. Our experts have lots of experience in handling any kind of complexity and customization.


MongoDB is a document-oriented, cross-platform, NoSQL database system created by MongoDB Inc. As a NoQSL database, MongoDB is appropriate for handling huge dispersed data collections. We assist you in developing web and mobile applications with the robust MongoDB database, which is more intelligent, scalable, and enables you to sell your ideas more quickly. It is fully managed over the cloud.

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