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A custom mobile application is the best thing you can give to your customers for interaction. It's your online representative, which can speak on your behalf regarding your product and services, anytime & anywhere.

Strengthen Customer Engagement

This is among the most significant advantages of mobile apps for companies. It aids in establishing a direct marketing channel between companies and their clients.

Increase Accessibility

The increased accessibility of businesses is another significant advantage of mobile apps. Businesses can use it to notify customers about any updates to their services or products that have been made.

Provide Value For Customers

You can digitalize any loyalty programme you may be offering your clients by using mobile apps. More downloads and repeat customers will result from this.

Transforming The Retail Experience

By providing a distinctive customer experience, mobile applications enable retailers to stay ahead of customers expectations in the world of retail. This aids in lowering the overhead.

Build Rrand Awareness

An efficient tool for increasing brand identification and exposure is a mobile app. Mobile apps can be compared to a blank billboard sign for the purposes of comparison because you can do whatever you want with it.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty

It is simple for businesses to lose touch with their customers due to the noise in the marketplace. Mobile applications have the power to significantly increase client loyalty.

Mobile App Development Services

Amplify digitally with Whizwafture’s remarkable knack in mobile app development

We are more than just one of Mumbai's top app development companies. We are a custom mobile app development company that can create pretty much any size of mobile applications, whether they are for consumers or businesses.

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What’s there in tech stack?

The most recent techniques we employ enable us to build fantastic products from start for our partners and scale them up

Frontend Development

We can create aesthetically pleasing and blazingly quick mobile solutions by using highly scalable mobile app development technologies like Kotlin, Swift, React Native and Flutter.

Html5 / Css3
Html5 / Css3
Objective C
React Native

Backend Development

We provide the most advanced cloud platforms in the market with scalable, secure, and well-documented backend solutions with resizable processing power. We develop architectures that best suit your digital products, whether it be a web app, a unique backend system, or an API.

Node JS
Node Js
Node Js
Node Js

New Possibilities Thanks To

We assist in examining the benefits and drawbacks of cutting-edge new technologies including AI, IoT, machine learning, and big data. Utilize our knowledge to evaluate their potential in your corporate setting.

What Makes Our Mobile App Development Team Stand Out?

We are partners in product delivery, thus we will be at your side throughout the entire process of creating a mobile application. We take your app idea, help you validate it, and work with you to create a top user experience.

Customer Relationship Management

Whizwafture empowers your business by creating a CRM system for your business. The system helps you engage with your customer, convert more leads, and get more sales.


A mobile form of eCommerce web development is known as MOBILE COMMERCE. Users have the freedom to shop whenever and wherever they want thanks to mobile websites and mCommerce apps.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

We want your company to use facts rather than conjecture. A fully functional MVP enables you to test, get user insights, validate your theories, and continuously enhance development based on actual testing and feedback.


With our cutting-edge end-to-end corporate app development solutions, you can reinvent your client experience, fulfil the needs of the modern workforce, and ensure a quick and improved business mobilization.

Analytics & User Engagement

Whizwafture offers Mobile Analytics services that will empower you to make the right decisions,at the right time, for the right reason. Get a 360-degree view of your entire business, and delight your users with data and intelligence.

Push Notifications

Apps that wish to keep up with a user base that is becoming more and more mobile-centric must include push notifications. Customers will get loyal to your business and choose your goods anytime they are in need if your notifications contain crucial and pertinent information.

Social Login

For end users, Social Login acts as a single sign-on. Instead of opening a new account expressly for that website, the user can sign into a third party website using their pre-existing login credentials from a social network provider.

Payment APIs

Both Apple and Google advise using third-party mobile payment gateway providers when you are selling goods and services outside of the app. We at Whizwafture assist our clients in selecting and integrating an appropriate Payment Gateway SDK.

Create user-friendly, intuitive applications that grabs and holds users' attention

Creating mobile apps is a continuous process that involves incremental refinement of your final output. The tools and technologies that consumers utilise to interact with your product will alter along with your users' requirements and behavioural patterns. To meet these problems, be sure you have the appropriate tools and tried-and-true approaches. And never halt the process.

Mobile Application Development Services

You may accomplish your business objectives, broaden your clientele, and establish your brand with the help of a custom mobile app development company.

You may address customer problems and produce results faster by utilising clever technical solutions and qualified mobile and business app developers and designers.

Whizwafture's premier mobile app development services assist customers in creating useful digital products that improve user experience, boost retention, and cut expenses.

Mobile applications and specialised software grow and change along with your company. Additionally, by developing reliable, secure apps, you increase user confidence and boost efficiency.

We provide KPI tracking, cloud support, native and cross-platform mobile solutions, and UX evaluation to aid in the development of intuitive, engaging applications.

From idea to execution, we’re on hand.

Mobile App Design

In order to optimise business value and maintain consistency, design thinking should be used when developing mobile apps.

You provide the best experience by designing an application that is pleasing to the eye and specifically catered to your target audience's needs.

All of that necessitates the appropriate tools and design-based techniques. Expert assistance streamlines the process from conception and design on, whether you're creating a mobile app from scratch or developing an existing one.

The process of design has several facets. You must make use of the following techniques to design an engaging and user-friendly app:

  • Product Discovery
  • Product Research
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Branding

Native vs Hybrid mobile application development

There are pros and cons to each. It all boils down to organisational needs and preferences.

For your mobile app, selecting the best platforms and technologies requires much thought and research.

An operating system-specific language, such as Swift or Objective-C for iOS or Java or Kotlin for Android app development, is used to write native apps.

The process of creating an application that functions on several platforms while utilising tools like Flutter and React Native is known as cross-platform development.

There are several benefits to developing native apps, including:

  • Fast and smooth performance
  • First-rate security, protected by an operating system
  • Access to experienced programmers
  • Zero compatibility issues, meaning easy scalability
  • Easy access to a mobile device's hardware capabilities
  • Stability in development and maintenance - Google for Android and Apple for iOS
  • A platform with a unified UX/UI that is widely supported

Equally, cross-platform development also boasts benefits, including:

  • Since most developers use the same codebase for both the iOS and Android platforms, quick deployment is possible for both. Compared to native apps, where iOS and Android apps are produced independently, costs can be as much as 30% lower Catering to a wider audience.
  • Platforms utilise the same codebase, resulting in consistent and coherent brand identity Reusable code across Android and iOS.

Of course, each has drawbacks as well. For example, native applications are more expensive and take more time to develop, while cross-platform mobile apps have lower performance and harder code design.

Why choose Whizwafture for Mobile App Development

Whizwafture is renowned for meeting contemporary business needs and offering best-in-class solutions at an affordable price.

We leverage the most recent frameworks and technologies to develop fresh, user-friendly business solutions that are secure, scalable, and meet your needs.

For optimising the practises and processes and producing the best outcomes, we use the Agile methodology and hold frequent scrum events.

Our committed team of mobile app developers is skilled in providing high-end business solutions using a variety of frameworks and technologies.

We provide the best mix of affordable prices and outstanding quality to provide the most competitive pricing in our market.

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We’re a global leader in mobile app development services across industries. Our sector-specific solutions optimise our clients' capacity for brand extension and recognition.

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How we build?

Our App Development Process

We are glad to reveal our app development process roadmap to highlight the key stages. To ensure a smooth operation and on-time delivery of your app, these are the boxes we tick to lead.


Our first step towards app development is to identify the goal of the mobile app, its budget, and timeline, target audience, development language, framework, and competitor analysis.

Technical Feasibility

Technical feasibility analysis helps us to find out the technical resources that meet the capacity and evaluation of the hardware, software, and other technical requirements.


Our designing stage includes multiple aspects that influence development like information architecture and workflows, wireframes, style guides, mockups, and prototypes.


Our development stage is the actual realization and coding of your mobile application. It covers back-end/server technology, APIs, and the mobile app front-end development.

Quality Assurance

Once done with the development, our software testing team makes sure to quality check and fix bugs if any before launching the application.


After meeting all the specific guidelines of the respective app store, we make sure that the launch of the application is smooth and error-free.


We continue to work with you post app delivery for at least a month to ensure that you don’t face any issues.

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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to create software with mobile app development services?

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The length of time it takes to complete a mobile app development project depends on a variety of criteria, including the number and complexity of features, the app's type, design, tech stack, and other considerations.

Building an app with key functionality like a simple login, payments, search, and user profile for each platform typically takes three to six months (iOS, Android). The timeframe for a mobile app development service is approximately 6 to 9 months for more complicated applications.

What approach is best for mobile app development, native or hybrid?

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Hybrid apps might be less expensive, but they come with a lot of restrictions and are often even removed from app stores.

By employing the Swift and Kotlin programming languages, native mobile app development services offer greater customization, optimization, as well as improved quality, performance, and interaction. The native strategy, in turn, offers app users additional value.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile applications?

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The cost of creating a mobile app is determined by the technology utilised to create it as well as its functional scope.

A native app of moderate complexity can cost between $5,000 and $20,000. By utilising an agile methodology and cross-platform tools, Whizwafture can reduce these expenditures.

How do I ensure that my app idea is secure?

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You are 100% protected by our non disclosure agreement.

Additionally, we employ industry-standard security methods to ensure that the IP and data of our clients are protected.

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