Types of ecommerce business app development

We develop an entire e-commerce application for all types of businesses

A successful ecommerce business must have a mobile app that is simple to use and intuitive. Today's top brands in online commerce aren't just concerned with their websites. A viable app lets a company grow.

Business To Business (B2B)

Solutions for B2B e-commerce to hasten your digital transformation Convince and convert more quickly. integrated branding extremely attractive and engrossing information sources.

Consumers To Consumers (C2C)

Create a user-friendly e-commerce mobile app with an improved shopping experience so that users may trade goods and services.

Business To Consumers (B2C)

Our mobile-based B2C e-commerce solutions can enhance the buying experience, attractive catalogs, shopping carts and interfaces that transform the game.

Business To Administration (B2A)

The development of cutting-edge e-commerce mobile apps to let companies communicate with government administration and agencies for improved contracting and tenders.

Consumers To Business (C2B)

Create a user-friendly interface so that customers can contact your company directly with suggestions for new products.

Consumers To Administration (C2A)

Create an intuitive mobile experience that let your customers communicate with the administration for informational needs and to access services.

Ecommerce app development solutions

Let's create an innovative ecommerce app with robust solutions

We don't just create generic e-commerce apps, instead we explore new creative and technological areas that consistently result in success for our clients. A few e-commerce app solutions are listed below.

Technology Selection

Setting your business objectives, spending limit, development platform, and other factors is necessary to create the ideal app.


We use cutting-edge technologies for mobile app development to get rid of problems and errors and carry out thorough testing at each phase.

Unified Shopping Experience

To increase your sales prospects, our skilled ecommerce developers will work with you to give your customers a seamless purchasing experience.


For every future-focused business, metrics and KPI analysis is essential because it can help to improve mobile apps for a better user experience.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution

By building a seamless marketplace that makes it simple for vendors and retailers to sell their goods, we will enable businesses to earn more commissions.

Loading Speed

We use an agile design process to create the finest UI for apps and incorporate premium features that guarantee quicker loading times and compatibility with recent OS releases.

Easy App Navigation

With the help of our advanced tools and techniques, we can create native or hybrid mobile applications that will please a user experience.

Data Security

To reduce the risk of data theft, we make use of dependable security technology, regular upgrades for shopping carts, and data backups.

Checkout Process

We provide user-friendly apps that help clients store their card and digital wallet information to complete transactions more quickly.

Track Inventory

In order to show customers which products are available, the administrator can keep track of the inventory.

Enhance your e-commerce store with the top app development company in India

Create a strong, user-friendly, Enterprise e-commerce app with functions that increase income and sales. Our talented team of top-notch e-commerce app developers uses cutting-edge technologies and designs to create apps that give your users a first-rate shopping experience.

Why should you consider Whizwafture for Ecommerce app development?

We develop feature-rich, user-friendly, and industry-standard e-commerce mobile applications as one of the top e-commerce app development companies to mobilise your ecommerce store.

An eCommerce app in your selected niche can be created by our extremely skilled eCommerce app developers. We can create unique eCommerce applications for Android and iOS that are tailored to your company's needs and assist clients throughout the full eCommerce app development process.

We deliver our top-notch e-commerce mobile app solutions that can help your online store grow and give your customers amazing shopping experiences.

  • 100% Customization
  • Faster and easy product browsing
  • Source Code Authority
  • Contemporary UI/UX
  • Top-class Quality
  • Easy to interact
  • Real-time Interaction Solutions
  • Future Maintenance & Support
  • Latest Technology Stack
  • Cost-effective & Timely Solutions

Ecommerce mobile app development for all Stores :

You now have access to superior e-commerce apps thanks to our innovative team's work in mobile app development. By creating a quick and smart e-commerce platform that helps you get your products in front of buyers right away, we frame up your dream with our day and night attention.

They aim to use their knowledge and talents from previous projects to build updated applications every day in order to give clients the best possible experience with an e-commerce mobile app for the stores listed below:

  • Furniture Store
  • Grocery Shop
  • Electronic products Supply
  • Health Care Products
  • Online Business
  • Jewelry Store
  • Fashion Brand
  • More

Service for all businesses sizes & types :

Our passionate team of e-commerce app developers delivers custom mobile solutions that address the urgent requirements of your users. For companies of all sizes and types, we create a whole ecommerce mobile app solution to aid in customer acquisition, customer retention, and brand development.

We serve to all business :

Traditional Businesses -

Are you prepared to expand your physical store online? We can assist you in the beginning. Create a noteworthy web presence to always reach your mobile customers.

Start-Ups -

Looking to expand the outreach of your online store? With our e-commerce app development service, we can assist you in taking your company to a whole new level.

Joint Ventures -

Do you intend to advance your joint ventures? You can gain a competitive edge in the industry by using our e-commerce app development service.

The world of app design and development has never seen anything like ecommerce mobile app development. It is a distinct sector that took inspiration from mobile app trends and achievements from all across the internet. Let's begin working on a fantastic project together.

What features can you develop in a Customer E-commerce app?

Our skilled ecommerce developers know exactly what you need in an app and produce the ideal e-commerce mobile applications that meet all of your company's requirements.

We create user-friendly e-commerce applications with attractive user interfaces and extensive features. All aspects of consumer applications are covered by our holistic approach for developing e-commerce apps.

  • Super-easy onboarding
  • Native app
  • Product categories
  • Product navigation
  • Multilingual support
  • Shopping cart
  • Add to favorites
  • Banners
  • Advertising
  • Customer reviews & ratings
  • Profile settings
  • Push notifications
  • Discount coupons and promo codes
  • Social media login

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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

How can an e-commerce application help me grow?

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Are you unsure of the benefits of an e-commerce app for your company? The fact that e-commerce has become increasingly popular since the popularity of mobile is therefore no longer surprising. In today's digitally driven world, switching your e-store to an application might help you reach a wider audience and provide you a competitive edge in the market.

Can I edit, update and delete product listings from my ecommerce app, without any challenges?

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Yes, pretty simply. You may add, modify and delete product listings with our adaptable ecommerce app, depending on your convenience and company requirements.

Can you redesign current ecommerce app?

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Yes, we can. Through interesting, useful apps that were either redesigned or created from the ground up, we have supported many businesses in experiencing faster growth.

How much time is required to create an ecommerce mobile app?

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We create an app depending on your specifications. The time it takes to create an eCommerce mobile app depends on the features, functionality, and technologies you need.

What is the cost to build an ecommerce app?

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The price of creating a custom ecommerce app depends on a number of factors such as the project's complexity, the number of integrations required, features, the size of the project, the developer's experience, and other elements.

Contact our experts for more accurate cost estimates that are more in-depth and thorough.

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