Benefits of UX audit

Why do you need a UX Audit?

UX audits offer a fair and impartial assessment of the strengths and flaws of the website or app and offer useful design guidance.

User Retention

An understanding of customers requirements, objectives, and behaviour—both present and future.

Quick Suggestions

Realistic evidence-based solutions that support business objectives.

Business Contribution

Increased conversions, engagement and ROI.

Objective Analysis

Unbiased problem detection and solution recommendations.

What we do in UX audit?

UX audit services we offer

Find the areas where your website or app is lacking and get quick fixes.

Mobile App Design Audit

User funnels, heuristics, design, content, and performance are all taken into consideration while evaluating mobile designs.

Portal Design Audit

We assess the performance of portal designs as well as user funnels, design, content, and heuristics.

SaaS App Design Audit

We assess SaaS software designs in every way, including performance, user funnels, design, and content.

Enterprise App Design Audit

We assess the performance of enterprise app designs as well as user funnels, heuristics, design, and content.

Health check of your UI & UX design

A design audit is a method for finding potential usability problems based on previously conducted user research and/or established heuristics. It helps you comprehend how to increase conversions by making it simpler for people to accomplish their objectives on your website or mobile application.

How is UX Audit performed?

These steps make up our thorough UX Audit process

Understand the goals -

With the aid of a workshop, our UX/UI professionals have a discussion with stakeholders about the key business and usability goals.

Review the website/app -

Our team reviews your website or app using a framework for design principles and heuristics evaluation as well as the user journey and brand guidelines.

Record findings -

We create an evaluation report that lists the main UX/UI challenges and typographic, hierarchical, and style shortcomings.

Recommend Solutions -

We provide recommendations in the form of a thorough report, including fixes, plans, quick wins, and strategic design objectives.

When should I perform UX Audit?

A UX audit can be done at any point during the development and launch of a website or app.

Pre-launch -

Before releasing your website or app to customers.

Post Launch -

2 or 3 years into the lifecycle of your website/app.

Pre-development -

Before pushing your website or app design/prototype into development.

Some fun facts about Design Audit

There are a few elements of UX audit that you must know.

Uncover Problems -

80 percent of the issues with your website or application can be found in a two-week evaluation.

Avoiding Bad Experience -

Even one negative experience will cause 76% of respondents to switch to a rival.

Consistent UI -

73% of brands are unable to deliver a unified user experience across all of their digital platforms.

Lead Conversions -

On websites with a superior user experience, conversion rates from visitors to leads can increase by 400%.

Tangible business results, right on schedule

2 days

for an estimate

2 weeks

for the prototype

3 months

for the MVP

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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

What is a UX Audit?

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Using current heuristics and previous user research, we conduct a UX Audit to evaluate the usability of an app or website as it stands right now (if any.) A UX audit's objective is to address any lingering usability problems so as to produce a more customised, user-friendly, and seamless experience.

Do you need users for a UX Audit?

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No, a design audit is not required of users. In contrast to usability testing, which relies on actual users to evaluate the usability of the product, design audits can be carried out by UX professionals by having prototypes thoroughly examined in accordance with UX standards and principles.

Who is in your UX Audit team?

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One UX Researcher, one UX Designer, and one UI Designer typically make up the team assigned to a UX audit. A Project Manager and a Design Lead may need to be involved in UX audits with a bigger scope and agenda.

How much time does a typical engagement take?

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The audit's duration is totally determined by the project's scope. Depending on the size and scope of the application, product, or platform, audits might span anywhere from a week to a month.

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