Make your business online by leveraging ecommerce

Whizwafture has been serving the enterprises with excellent ecommerce design and development solutions that helps them to establish their independent and unique identity. As the best digital ecommerce development company, our team will make sure you get what you need - a modern, SEO friendly, Secure and Converting shopping platform.

Opportunity To Tap New Market

Is it ever conceivable for a customer to phone you from a foreign country to make a purchase of a product you are selling? No! But, if you run an ecommerce business and export goods, it's possible that the same user will make an order.

Brand Visibility

We build feature-rich ecommerce platforms that help you boost online store engagement to improve onsite experience and also showcases your product which helps brands to reach open up new streams of ROI.

SEO Friendly

We build a search engine friendly ecommerce website that gives you better search engine results across different search engines.


Get a competitive advantage over your competitors by creating a highly interactive ecommerce platform that gives the user an exceptional experience.

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

Our advanced ecommerce development services make sure you get the scalable solution once your business grows and also offers a greater level of flexibility.

Cost-Effective : Maximize Your Sales and Revenue

An online store makes it possible for businesses to save by closing their brick-and-mortar store With our ecommerce solutions, we ensure a higher return on investment for your business.

What’s there in tech stack?

Evolving your retail digital experience with these technologies


The RoR framework and Ruby are frequently used for solutions where it's important to launch a product rapidly, reduce the time and cost of application development and guarantee quick and simple product scalability.

The Magento frameworks are comprehensive and include a wide range of modules to build a solid business plan. We are aware that each firm has different needs. To create a scalable and reliable Magneto Solution, we adapt the interactions, request flow, caching and exception handling of modules.

Html5 / Css3
Ruby on Rails


With its outstanding performance, great dependability, and user-friendly features, MySQL is unquestionably the top database option for a variety of web-based applications. It is possible to develop heavy traffic websites, vital corporate systems and packaged applications with MySQL Server Solutions.

Redis technology has been able to attract developers and go-getters thanks to its simple, efficient structure that offers a number of benefits. It has response rates that are less than one millisecond, enabling millions of queries per second for real-time applications in sectors including gaming, ad-tech, financial services, healthcare and IoT.

Node Js

Our ingenious Ecommerce Web Development Services

Ecommerce solutions are a tried-and-true open source solution to expand any online business. Keep ahead of the competition with our web development services for technical, enterprise-grade ecommerce. We combine our experience with ecommerce expansion with cutting-edge technologies to address the critical requirements of international customers across industries. We are working to provide a web solution that works well across all platforms and is multi-device friendly.

Custom Ecommerce Website Design

Empowering your business with dynamic and captivating web designs to boost sales and online presence. Our ecommerce website design services are able to assist with all special business needs, beyond extending and altering pre-existing solutions.

Responsive Ecommerce Website

We would be more than delighted to convert your ecommerce website into a mobile-responsive one if you also intend to attract mobile users there. This will ensure that your shopping site functions identically across all platforms and devices and provides an unsurpassed end-user experience.

Ecommerce Web Design & Development

Our ecommerce web design services provide value to your company by providing the precise, personalized solution that it needs. For your brand-new online store, our professional web designers team will produce a gorgeous, distinctive and useful design.

Ecommerce Application Development

We think that in order to dominate the ecommerce app market when apps are inevitable, engaging user experiences must be created. We can easily design your ecommerce app thanks to our nearly ten years of experience in meeting customer expectations.

Shopping Cart

We provide exclusive services for the development and integration of high performance driven shopping cart modules in your existing online shopping store, that enhances user engagement rates and improve customer journeys.

3rd Party Integration

With the appropriate collection of third-party API connectivity, we assist you in getting more from your ecommerce solutions. Everything, including the integration of the APIs for Amazon and eBay, Marketplace Payment Gateway, SugarCRM and Shipping API.

Plugin / Module / Extension Development

With a solid expertise in developing bespoke software and ecommerce websites, we are qualified to create, alter or expand unique plugins, modules and extensions to meet your unique needs across a variety of ecommerce platforms.

Payment Gateway Integration

For ecommerce platforms, we offer effective payment integration services with support for a variety of payment methods, including credit card, debit card, PayPal, digital wallets, net banking and more.

Store Migration

Your current ecommerce solution is not meeting your growing business needs, beyond implementing a new system, we also take care of migration of your website or application to a better platform to make your firm a fantastic digital commerce enterprise and help it stay competitive.

B2B, B2C & SaaS Ecommerce Solutions

Be it B2B ecommerce solutions, B2C, or SaaS - no matter what type you are looking for, you’ll get everything under one roof. With years of expertise completing hundreds of ecommerce projects for clients throughout the world, we aim to provide the best.

Theme Design & Integration

We have skilled designers to meet your branding, design, and user experience requirements. Whether integrating a pre-made template or creating a custom theme, we surpass your expectations.

Support & Maintenance

The key to improving the customer base is to develop great quality ecommerce solutions and also keep them updated. We provide essential support and maintenance in the form of security & technology updates like data updates, ongoing bug fixes and enhancements.

With cutting-edge technologies and tools, rethink and reimagine the ecommerce business

Making your online presence strong is the only option when an astounding billions of consumers look up to eCommerce retailers to purchase items. We have extensive experience creating eCommerce websites and apps. Therefore, we are skilled in fusing brand fantasies with our reliable tech stack to realize your ideal store. Our eCommerce web developers go over your requirements, pinpoint industry barriers, and establish scopes to lay out the strategy for developing an eCommerce website. It's time to jump on board and develop an engaging mobile eCommerce experience that draws customers inside your app. We take the initiative to invite innovative thinkers to the table. We believe in providing eCommerce app development that consumers adore, starting with creating an amazing eCommerce mobile app design and protecting it with top-notch encryption.

B2B ECommerce Development Services

A B2B eCommerce implementation that is successful goes well beyond a straightforward shopping cart. Instead, it gives you the ability to overcome the particular difficulties your company encounters while enhancing client experiences and adding efficiency to your back-office operations.

We put out the effort to comprehend your buyer journey, consumer expectations, and sales processes in order to design an eCommerce solution specifically for your organisation.

The outcome is a frictionless, self-service eCommerce solution that boosts profits, hastens business expansion, raises average order values, and lowers cost per transaction.

We offer a skilled group of B2B eCommerce specialists with the resources you need to boost conversion, improve marketing plans, and grow your company.

We create complete B2B eCommerce solutions that are successfully and stunningly connected with your website. Along with corporate quality, we value prompt delivery and solutions that achieve the desired results. We have the subject expertise and market understanding necessary to provide B2B eCommerce strategy, integrations, migrations, and support, as well as a comprehensive spectrum of B2B eCommerce development services. We are the leading eCommerce development specialists.

A broad range of B2B eCommerce development services are offered by Whizwafture. We streamline delivery in order to meet your B2B business objectives, timeframe and spending limit.

B2C ECommerce Development Services

We Are A Full-Service B2C Ecommerce Company Focused On Designing, Implementing & Maintaining B2C Solutions.

For companies at every stage—from planning to designing to developing to expanding—we provide B2C ecommerce solutions. We construct and manage high-quality ecommerce solutions on all the key B2C ecommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, thanks to our team of certified b2c developers.

We offer a skilled group of b2c ecommerce specialists with the resources you need to boost conversion, improve marketing plans, and grow your company. We have the industry expertise and market understanding necessary to provide a comprehensive variety of b2c ecommerce development services, as well as b2c ecommerce strategy, integrations, migrations, and support.

Marketplace ECommerce Development Services

With the help of our ecommerce development services, establish a vibrant marketplace for your online store. Create a platform that brings together logistics and warehouse managers, buyers, sellers, vendors, customers, and shipping service providers. Get access to 3rd party integrations, auction & bidding platforms, multi-currency solutions, multi-lingual solutions, and much more.

With our marketplace solutions, we assist you in selling anywhere and at any time by providing you with a suitable platform to present your goods to the appropriate clients at the appropriate moment.

Best benefits of marketplace solutions

Be in multiple sales channels :

Get into our marketplace and launch your product across many channels if you want to change the perception of internet commerce as a single channel business. This assists you in developing your brand identity, selling under your brand name, attracting different traffic channels, consistently making your merchandise available to buyers through one or more channels, and consequently experiencing continuous sales development.

Start and manage multiple things from a single place :

Get all your Product lists, Order details, Shipping reports, Inventory information of all your marketplace channels from one window, through our Marketplace Solutions. Online product launching on the marketplace is no longer a task of challenge with order placement to invoice receipt all being centrally managed.

Sales and Analytics :

The examination of your business plan and sales patterns is made simpler when every aspect of your internet business can be managed and tracked centrally. By doing so, we assist you in promoting your growth, becoming proactive about market trends, and maintaining your profitability.

Ecommerce store tailored to your needs

The decision to establish yourself in online retail alongside stationery business in the era of ever-expanding ecommerce is primarily a strategic one for your company's long-term planning horizon. This choice gives you the chance to automate your internal company procedures in addition to creating new sales channels. Our company's cutting-edge online stores and ecommerce solutions contribute to new business models in addition to acting as venues for sales.

The store acts as a hub where interested customers may browse the selection as well as place online orders and pay for their purchases. The specifications for product presentation varies depending on the product group. Because various facts are important for a purchasing decision in both product groups, the detail page of an automobile product should be formatted differently from that of a food product. Because of this, the shop's operation, order processing, and appearance and feel should be customized to your offerings and target market. This is important to your success.

Today, a wide range of shop systems with various features are available that may be utilized to satisfy the aforementioned objectives. For instance, we frequently design shops using Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce platforms. These allow for the creation of unique templates that allow us to freely design the look and feel of your business. By creating our own plugins, we may also increase the functionality of the store systems. In the course of our combined study and design of your ecommerce solution, we will choose which shop system is best for you.

Why choose Whizwafture services for the Ecommerce Website?

We have industry specialists in the field that have in-depth knowledge of the design and development of ecommerce websites and who provide mobile-friendly solutions that expand the potential for growth in your company's sales.

The highly skilled staff chooses unique, comprehensive, and dependable technology to design Ecommerce websites. Utilizing effective solutions like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and others, ecommerce development is built.

To give our clients the finest service possible, we believe in delivering quality and utilizing the most recent technology. The construction of the ecommerce website comprises relevant data, such as statistics, numbers, ratings, and reviews. The building of ecommerce websites is in high demand, and Whizwafture will offer the greatest ecommerce websites available.

We solve Ecommerce issues through :

  • Our professionals are totally committed to increasing more customer interaction and providing precisely what exactly what your client loves to provide more conversions.
  • Excellent online storefront, with payment gateways and carts that simplify payments and make it simple for customers to make decisions.
  • We make it popular with consumers by adding filters and offering a strong search engine within the app or online solution.

Tangible business results, right on schedule

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for the prototype

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for the MVP

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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

Why Ecommerce site important for any business?

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Nowadays, the ecommerce website is a must for any business and the need for comprehensive and user-friendly online shopping sites is growing along with the number of people who buy goods and services online.

By having an ecommerce website for your company, you can offer your goods and services to a much wider clientele while fostering their loyalty to the brand and also you can catch your target audiences easily.

Which platform is best for ecommerce web development for my project?

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Well, the platform you choose for developing an ecommerce website will mostly depend on your business goals and objectives as well as design possibilities, scalability, integrations, price, and payment methods. Additionally, the size of your business plays a role in selecting the best ecommerce development platform.

Contact us with your needs if you're not sure which platform is best for your company. For your online business, our specialists will recommend the finest and most effective course of action.

I have a unique business that requires a complex, customized solution. Can you help build it?

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No doubt. We have created anything from straightforward ecommerce sites to intricate ones thanks to our vast expertise with countless web development projects. We'd be pleased to provide you a specially designed solution if you have a unique demand.

How much does it cost to build an ecommerce website?

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The cost to develop an ecommerce website often differs between agencies. Additionally, your company's objectives and requirements have a significant impact on the cost of an ecommerce project. The price of developing an ecommerce website depends on a number of variables, including design, functionality, development, integration, support, and maintenance and firm choice.

You may get in contact with our ecommerce development professionals to receive the appropriate estimate for bespoke ecommerce solutions.

Let’s shape and build your vision together

We can assist you in fleshing out your first MVP, go from concept to investment and build a purposeful business relationship. Give us a call, and one of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours.

Our process wraps around your unique business needs.
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