Benefits of UX research

How UX research can help to improve your product

To assist you in making informed business decisions, we gather insightful UX research findings.

Know your customer needs

To assist you in better understanding your customers, we employ a variety of research techniques and technologies, including user testing and interviews.

Prioritise development effort

When you are aware of the factors that are most significant to your customers, you can concentrate on developing those features first.

Improve customer satisfaction

Insights from research show how customers engage with your product. To increase customer satisfaction, you must use this information.

Increase conversion rate

By giving your users access to pertinent information and features, you may increase the conversion rates for your product.

What we do in UX research?

User research services we offer

We offer comprehensive target audience analysis, a competitive landscape overview, and usability testing as part of our UX research services. We look at your product's existing situation as well as potential future commercial opportunities. Here is a quick summary of the UX research services we offer.

Competitor Research

In order to obtain knowledge about the features, processes, and designs of competing products, we analyse our competitors.

Product Audit

We thoroughly assess your existing product from both - aesthetics and functional viewpoints and provide suggestions.

User Interviews And Surveys

To create a more valuable product, we research the participants to learn about their unmet needs and pain points.

Data Analysis

We sort through current data in search of trends and patterns that point to potential opportunities or looming problems.

Knowing users problems

We are curious about any factor that influences target consumers' motivation. We pay attention to users and comprehend their objectives and behaviour as they use your services. Based on these findings, we define and rank the problems that need to be solved in terms of importance and impact.

What is user research?

User-centred design is driven by research. It enables us to swiftly delve into the finer points of how consumers interact with your product and ensures that user and company goals are in sync.

Before a thing ever exists, discovery research is comprehensive and reveals a wide range of insights. Contextual inquiry, ethnographic research, surveys, and diary studies are examples of discovery research techniques that assist us (and your team) comprehend your users holistically as actual individuals attempting to complete a job.

The focus of usability study is how a user interacts with an already-existing product. A user's interaction with a current product can reveal new problems and ideas that you had never thought about before.

Our services for discovery and usability research are entirely focused on the results for your organisation. We design a successful product strategy based on real user data and insights using your product and business goals.

Our UX Research Process

At Whizwafture, there isn't a "one size fits all" mentality. Instead, in order to assist our clients in contextually resolving their challenges, we apply what we know to how organisations function.

Discovery & Understanding -

Our user research process begins broadly. Everything and everyone is intriguing at this point because you never know where you'll find a nugget of knowledge that could completely alter the course of a project.

Insight & Analysis -

The next thing we'll do is go through all the information and start evaluating it. We organise information in spreadsheets and documents, or we cut it up into manageable pieces on sticky notes and paste them all over the walls of our conference rooms. We start to realise where we are and where we might be going.

Synthesis & Roadmaps -

We then synthesise. When reviewing interview recordings and survey findings, we look for trends and commonalities in our data. We examine the discussions to find the actual causes of user suffering and annoyance as well as potential remedies.

Why work with Whizwafture?

We are a company that focuses on powerful digital product design and user experience research.

We work with established businesses and emerging startups in a variety of sectors to conduct user experience research, make data-driven decisions, and develop their product design strategies.

Along with assisting our partners in providing their customers with cutting-edge items, we also create our own digital products. It enables us to differentiate ourselves from other design firms with a special set of abilities and experiences.

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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

Is User Research Necessary?

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Yes, it is important to understand your users' challenges and needs in order to tailor your solutions.

What Are The Deliverables At UX Research Stage?

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We deliver a thorough competitive analysis study, research report, and user personas at the conclusion of UX research.

What Inputs Shall You Require To Conduct User Research?

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We will need detailed information on the product, business goals, industry rivals, and any previous research-related data that you have gathered.

Is UX Research Part Of UI UX Design?

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Yes, because UX design is an iterative process, UX research is necessary at various phases.

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