UI-UX Overview

Innovation in digital transformation drives real business results

At Whizwafture, with a Human-Centered approach we care about the end customer and strive to deliver a pleasing digital presence that people truly enjoy using. Also this approach and step by step process addresses complex business problem statements and turns them into holistic experiences. Looking for a product design service that will make your audience fall in love with your product? Then your search ends here!

Improve Conversion / Consumer Focussed

Our Product Designers achieve beyond ordinary gain and real competitive edge by focussing on building ROI, improving and enhancing user satisfaction by streamlining business and customer needs, which results in increasing the number of leads and sales from your digital product.

World Class Designers

Designing a world-class product or service involves more than creating something that looks pretty. Our team goes beyond simply delivering a product, instead we collaborate to create brilliant experiences that are always changing.

Top Notch Solutions

Successful product design involves creating a solution that delivers your business goals while eliminating the 'pain points' of the end user at the same time. Our time-tested, tried and proven approach has made us the go-to option for design, across industries.

Ethics & Principles

Ethical and accessible design solutions transform typical product journeys into carefully considered, goal-efficient user experiences that meet your target audience’s needs. Ensure robust engagement through the use of holistic techniques that help have all areas covered.

Customer Support

Focusing on availability, scalability and consistent communication with our clients, allow us to pay attention to every tiny detail without missing deadlines. We ensure effective project management using agile and practices of Google Design sprint.

User Testing

Identifying usability problems by testing digital products with real users at various stages of design and development, and validating assumptions to create user-friendly products with appropriate functionality to end customers with the aid of unbiased user input.

What we do?

The journey from idea to product-market fit and beyond

We create a journey from problem definition to the solution using UX practices: market research, scope definition, prototyping, user validation. Apart from reflecting the latest design trends in the market, the success of the digital product design depends on creating a solution which is both business-oriented which brings more ROI and conversions and eliminates the 'pain points' of the end user and gives them a pleasing digital experience.

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Tech stack

We assist you in providing growth-driven experiences to your users.

Research Methods

Our UX research and user testing services gather valuable data and inputs from your users in order to make data-driven and impactful business decisions. It is the process of exploring, analyzing, testing, and validating different product and business ideas. Our UX research services employ a variety of techniques to assist you in finding the right solutions and creating products that live up to the expectations of your users and provide value to your customers. The following research methods, comprising both exploratory and analytical research, are arranged in accordance with the relevant design phases.

Discovery Phase

Ideation Workshop
Ethnographic Study
Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
In-depth Interview (IDI)

Exploration Phase

Diary Studies
Co-creation Workshop
Concept Testing
Card Sorting & Tree Testing
Persona Building
User Journey Mapping/ Customer Journey Mapping


Designing Tools

Adobe Suite

Collaboration Tools

Node Js

Our UI/UX Design Offerings

Our team of UI/UX designers loves the art of problem-solving to bring elegance to your product and delight to end-users. We go all out with the below points to shape your idea into an all-round product. Our designers are with the sight of crafting innovative and attractive interfaces that add power to your online presentation. Our designing capabilities are listed below and are never limited to.

UX Research

Studying and evaluating the target audience while understanding their behavioral patterns, experience, interaction, and emotion.

Wireframing & Digital Prototyping

A prototype is a simplified version of your digital product from website to application, or other product made for concept testing in order to assess the concept, design, or features. Making a prototype of the final product and testing it in real time to gather feedback and make any changes to the UX or UI before spending any money on development on your custom mobile applications.

Interaction Design

Interaction design is the design of how users and products interact. Simplifying human computer interactions to provide intuitive, seamless and task-oriented outcomes.

UI/UX & Product Design

We help you in tackling your functional pain points and enhance usability with intuitive user journeys, seamless experiences, and simple yet appealing and desirable visuals.

Mobile App Design

A custom mobile application is the best thing you can give to your customers for interaction. It's your online representative, which can speak on your behalf regarding your product and services, anytime & anywhere.

Website Design

We let your visitors completely understand your business idea by what they read and remember by what they see. Your website shows the character of your business. The more attractive and functional it is, the more your visitors will be happy to stick around your website

Motion Design

You can engage your audience more efficiently and get closer to achieving every marketing goal by using animations and videos. Enhance the quality of user journey and interactions within a product by Integrating input oriented movements in real time.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is useful in identifying gaps in the functionality of a product or service by testing it in real time with target users, to collect qualitative & quantitative data.

Design Language

A design language is a manual guide containing instructions on the usage of design elements such as logos, typography, colors, website layouts, data visualizations, icons, etc. Our principles and design guidelines guarantee a unified brand voice for your business.

Visual Identity

The visual identity of your digital product not only helps you get instant recognition by your customer but also it makes you stand out from the competition solely with the power of your brand.

Design Audit

It may not be necessary to overhaul your existing design entirely, but there is always room for improvement. Let us demonstrate how it can be made even more potent. Evaluating a current product to assess several facets of its design quality and usability.

Heuristic Analysis

An assessment of the usability of an existing product according to a set of predetermined design principles by an expert.

Design Sprint

Not sure what to do with your ideas or improvements? We help you out in conducting a 5-day design sprint to discover, ideate, hypothesize, prototype and test. It is rapid, user-centric and effective. Create a product roadmap during a productive 5-day design sprint and validate your idea before writing the code.

UX Consulting

Putting the right processes in place and reshaping your product's strategy will raise your company's UX maturity. A "User Experience Consultant" is someone who focuses on the components and journeys of your product that the end user can see and interact with. But as we all know, UX design isn't just about the appearance of the interface on the web/app. It also takes care of the flows, content, and layout.

Design Workshops

An effective way to show investors your product's viability is through design workshops. We will help you thoroughly prepare an effective design workshop for any design-related issue and find the most effective solution.

Content Strategy

UX Editors assist you in creating captivating and relevant content for your digital communication channels. With our UX writing service, your content will reflect a consistent brand voice and tone across all platforms and devices.

For every phase of your business development, a digital product design solution is available

Whizwafture is a Design tech-driven company that always considers user empathy, end-user needs,, business success benchmarks, compliances and technological possibilities and constraints at the center of our design - development process to solve complex business challenges and drive impactful outcomes.

Essence of Product Design Service

With human centered approach we analyze your initial product ideas, understand the complex business problems and provide event storming design workshops and creates attention catching, captivating products using effective agile methodologies.

As a team of high-skilled professionals , our work always witnesses more than one pair of eyes, going through all stages from a deep understanding of the business to building a strategy for a good looking design that communicates.

In today's digital world, every business is going digital, and if your digital product isn't impressive and usable, you'll lose out on business and fuel your competitor's growth.

We are trying hard to build and design digital products that will drive traffic and provide massive growth opportunities to businesses.

We offers full service spectrum to the clients which varies from UX consultations to designing to development solutions.

A product design encompasses every aspect of human interaction with the product and the experience it offers, from design workshops to product testing. With the help of our findings from the qualitative and quantitative research phase, we take a human-centered design (HCD) approach to design an experience that solves the problem in the simplest way possible.

Scoping Sessions

The first step of scoping session is asking question and discussion with the stakeholder in order to get the idea about the product.

The details of the solution are organized in a more structured way, at the sametime we focus on defining the priorities and the scope of the Minimum Viable Product.

Each feature is broken down into smaller tasks based on the application's usage.

To build a common ground between the teams, a scoping session is an effective way to understand the product's specifics.

Human Centered Design Workshops

All our various design thinking and human-centered design tools are brought together in human-centered design workshops.

Regardless of the project or organization, they’re always opportunities for co-creation with clients.

We include all the human centered design activities like user journey mapping, stakeholder mapping, empathy mapping, research unpacking during these workshop.

During these workshops we can pinpoint friction and help us identify user journeys, ultimately allowing us to hypothesize and begin imagining possible solutions.

User Experience Design

UX design helps in identifying what the experience is actually like for people using and interacting with a product.

The majority of consumers favor straightforward, minimalist designs with simple navigation.

To deliver an astounding experience, UX strategists must focus on behavioral patterns, align business and customer goals, craft designs that guarantee usability, accessibility and excite users to take action.

We use a methodical approach to create memorable experiences and make the world around us beautiful.

In the Beginning with experience mapping and defining user requirements, we determine what the user journey looks like and start to add some structure to it.

To focus on the specifics, we then advance to user flows, information architecture, and wireframes.

Product Design Sprint

Google Ventures (GV) invented the design sprint technique as a way to use design, prototyping, and customer testing to solve business problems.

The primary benefit is that months of work and research are condensed into just a few days that bring tangible results. Using this methodology we are able to brainstorm possible solutions to a problem you want to solve. Within 4-5 days of intense work as an interdisciplinary team, we try to understand the problem and its context, come up with plenty of solutions in order to finally choose one or two that will be prototyped and brought to potential users for validation.

During this very short period of time, we all are able to deliver a solid base for any product you think of with a much bigger chance of being a success.

Industries we serve

Get the most from our experience

We’re a global leader in ui/ux services across industries. Our sector-specific solutions optimise our clients' capacity for brand extension and recognition.

Tangible business results, right on schedule

2 days

for an estimate

2 weeks

for the prototype

3 months

for the MVP

Need your idea verified fast?
Making it work

Our Proven Design process

Creating a Great design is an iterative process of resolving problems and continuously improving your product. With change in Devices and technologies, your customers and their needs, and their behavior will also change so with the right tools and battle-tested methodologies, you can overcome any difficulty and keep improving your product in the process. The steps involved in the design process will make your product a reality. Depending on the stage your product currently is, we will adapt the steps, their order and the length.


The discovery phase is the vital first step of the digital product journey, and involves gaining an understanding of user requirements, insight into business goals, and an analysis of the current state of the product. First things first! Before offering you customized UX design solutions, Our UX experts start with product discovery, define scope to uncover needs and pain points of your customers and map the user journey. This stage also includes discussing the potential features, tech solutions and time required to deliver them.

  • Business Goals
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Competitor analysis
  • User interview
  • User Requirements
  • Market Research
  • Business assessment
  • Problem definition
  • Roadmap creation


At the Ideation stage we come up with customer-tailored workshops, together we work on user personas and customer journeys, brainstorm possible UX solutions, and wireframe all the essential features. And we Collect valuable insights from our research and shape the product or its features. With tried and tested ideation techniques combined with a customer-centric approach at heart, we ideate roadmaps while mapping your business journey to decode human-focused problem statements.

  • User research
  • Design strategy
  • Brainstorming
  • User journey
  • Information architecture creation

Prototyping and Testing

A prototype design is a functional and clickable app that can be navigated through and Testing will verify your assumptions early on and address any key pain points in advance. A clickable prototype makes it evident what your product is capable of, aids in user testing of concepts, and persuades stakeholders to make an investment. With each interaction, we immediately test our hypotheses to minimize risks and give a more valuable collection of features that will help you achieve your business objectives. We build a prototype of your product and test it with the real end-users. Usability testing helps to iterate the design, identify gaps in flows and create a flawless user experience.

  • Wireframe creation
  • Design adjustments
  • Sitemap
  • Usability
  • testing
  • Analyzing
  • results
  • Look and feel
  • Drafts
  • Wireframes & prototyping
  • Clickable prototype production

UI Design

We integrate the design philosophy into our interfaces that comprehend the psychology of the user,is visually appealing and highly interactive to his actions. In this stage We also Craft delightful interfaces aligned with established insights.

  • Design
  • Concept
  • Handover meeting
  • Final visual design
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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost to design an app?

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The simple answer is: it depends on many factors. There's no easy way to estimate how much it's going to cost to build something. – The best way to proceed is to speak with one of our experts to determine the scope of your project and to make some strategic decisions.

How long does it take to design a product?

FAQ Close

The collaboration schedule is largely dependent on the scope of the work and the size of the team.

It can take up to three months to design an MVP for a new digital product. If you would like to conduct qualitative or quantitative user research to improve your existing product's usability, one to four weeks might be enough.

Every scenario is different, and we can only specify the task scope after talking about your goals and objectives.

How does the collaboration work?

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We employ the most appropriate design and research experts to work full time as an extension of your product team.

Our team of product design professionals meets your team at the kick-off workshop to learn more about your business objectives and learn about your industry and target audiences.

We meet with you at least once a week to discuss our progress, present the design and the research results, adjust your product strategy, and decide on the next course of action.

We communicate outside of meetings utilizing applications like Jira, Zeplin, Slack, and others.

How to choose the right Product design company for your product idea?

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One ultimate goal is to ensure your website can provide its users with the most conceivable value as a seamless experience as one might expect.

Thus, you anticipate your Product Design company to be similarly as productive, cutting, and client-focused as far as plan and UX.

A strong product and a great design experience are required for a respectable ROI in the digital realm.

Let’s shape and build your vision together

We can assist you in fleshing out your first MVP, go from concept to investment and build a purposeful business relationship. Give us a call, and one of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours.

Our process wraps around your unique business needs.
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