Create intuitive user experiences

Keep your users engaged with seamless user experience

A successful product requires much more than just being visually appealing; it must also provide a smooth user experience. To accomplish this, you must have a thorough grasp of your users demands, apply clever UX design, and conduct thorough testing.

Design web and mobile apps

Create a unified user experience across all platforms and devices.

Understand your users

Utilise user research and analysis to make sure solutions are client-focused.

Validate your ideas

Create prototypes as soon as possible and test them to lower the risk of failure.

Improve conversions

Successfully enhance the quantity of leads and sales generated by your app and website.

Streamline user experience

To find issues and solve them, use customer journey mapping.

Build responsive products

Create user-centred, responsive, mobile-friendly experiences.

What we do in UX design?

Our User Experience design services

By using thoughtful design, captivate your users with pertinent and engaging experiences that better meet their needs. To fully comprehend your clients and provide them with what they need, our knowledgeable UX team will choose the appropriate techniques and technologies.

User Research

To make sure that your digital project is tailored to your audience, we execute usability testing using task analysis, emotional reaction testing, cognitive empathy testing and more. We also conduct surveys and focus group interviews.


A persona is an imagined user who symbolises a user type that might utilise a website, brand, or product in a similar way in user-centred design. Personas can be used by marketers in conjunction with user segmentation to help in decision-making by providing clarity, efficiency, and focus.

User Flows

The route a typical user would take via a website or app to finish a job is known as the user flow. We utilise tools like Axure or pencil and paper to follow this approach and incorporate all features and structural assumptions as preliminary sketches.

Customer Journey Maps

Mapping is the most effective technique to see how a client uses a digital product or brand. Our UI UX design develops an outline and highlights the essential features of your product that need further care and attention. Everyone is iterating on consumer feedback at the same time.


Microinteractions are those minute elements that separate a pleasant encounter from one that causes traumatic fear. Understanding the users of the product, their goals, and the steps they must follow is crucial for our UX team's design of great microinteractions.


Sitemaps are hierarchical diagrams that display a website or application's structure. They are used by information architects and user experience designers to categorise related material and build the taxonomy. As they guarantee content is where users would expect to find it, they are a crucial stage in the user-centred approach.


Before the creative process starts, wireframing enables the organisation of the structure of a website or app. The wireframe provides a better grasp of the structural architecture and design flow and acts as a visual reference. This stage is ideal for testing out different concepts without worrying about the financial repercussions.

Clickable Prototypes

With thorough user experience research, we have been developing interactive app prototypes and software utilising a variety of tools, including Axure, Adobe XD, Invision App, etc. With the help of these tools, you may experiment with transitions, dropdowns, fades, dummy data, and even animations. It assisted our clients in validating their business concepts for a fraction of the price of software development.


The goal of gamification is to increase user engagement, enjoyment, and loyalty with a product or service by integrating games features into non-gaming contexts such leaderboards and badges, point systems, and cash back. To properly implement gamification, our UX team creates the activities, objectives, and participants based on an understanding of the user's goals.

We Ensure Your User Experience is Your X-Factor

The user experience (UX) users receive while dealing with your company is crucial to attracting new customers and keeping them satisfied. The design, implementation, and construction of the user interface in turn affect the user experience (UI). The UX/UI team at Whizwafture develops high-performing user interfaces based on a thorough understanding of the requirements and preferences of your target audience.

Innovative UX design

The foundation of the product design process is user experience design, which in a typical situation includes the following steps. Discovery is the first stage, followed by ideation and concept development, wireframing, user testing, applying recommendations - development, and ultimately, design handover, which marks the project's conclusion.

UX design is comprised of the first four steps, whereas UI design is made up of the last three. First, UX designers should learn as much as they can about the target market for the product. They might run workshops, conduct interviews, or read extensively about brand strategy or the target audience. The UX designer starts creating user flow maps, sitemaps, and product prototypes once they have gathered sufficient data. These are then tested with a small group of users.

Understand -

Examine your user experience (UX) and market fit to determine what adjustments you should make. Using UX services will enable you to get insightful data.

Act -

Put knowledge-based improvements into action to achieve conversions and the user experience. Make data-driven decisions that will assist you in achieving your company objectives.

Measure -

Keep track of how successfully the adopted solution reaches your objectives. Your ROI will increase thanks to our tried-and-true procedures.

UX Strategy

Every touchpoint throughout the customer journey should be in line with your company's ultimate goal for the user experience, according to a game-changing UX strategy. Take this route as your road map for enhancing client satisfaction, revenue, and engagement from where they are now to where you want them to be tomorrow and beyond.

Our analytical and collaborative approach to offering UX design services centres on taking a close look at the routines, preferences, needs, and difficulties of your target audience. Businesses need to respond more quickly if they want to make their brand's promises a reality for their customers given how quickly consumer behaviour is changing.

Whizwafture's objective is to develop a UX design approach that improves on how your clients currently perceive your online presence. We build our UX design services around your company's ability to offer your digital product in a way that is still "on-brand," but even more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, using your current UX as the foundation.

Design Sprints

A design sprint is a fast-paced, focused team meeting that boosts the originality and creativity of our UX services. Over the course of a few days, we collaborate to deepen our comprehension of the user's wants as well as the goals of the company, and we think of innovative ways to combine the two.

Our team will select the greatest options after we've drawn every potential resolution. The prototyping and validation cycle then follows. Our staff is actively updating and testing during this time to respond to pressing business inquiries as they come up. Our team can quickly pivot, offer high-value results, reduce project risk, and expedite the delivery of your finished product thanks to this accelerated speed.

Our objective here is simple: refine to define.

Throughout the design process, we concentrate our UX services on the sensory experience of the user. Our aim is to comprehend the images, sounds, and sensations they connect with your product (i.e., anticipation, patience, excitement). Businesses that emotionally connect with their clients develop stronger brand loyalty and outperform the competition in the long run.

Usability Testing & Validation

Iteration and innovation are necessary for great customer experiences. The whole user experience is improved by good UX design services through usability testing and open feedback. By removing user flow silos, this enables us to design an experience that is more seamless.

We can test in any setting as a team and reach a wide spectrum of users. This method enables us to comprehend the connection between consumer perception and product usage. We gain insights that assist you in making decisions for the long-term success of your company by spending more time on your site (and using your products or services).

A platform that speaks in the voice of the user is created by effective UX services. It can only lead to a more natural user experience if we can meet their expectations, dislikes, and preferences.

The user should be able to engage with our final product easily and organically. Given that mobile devices currently account for the majority of online traffic, this is crucial for mobile applications. The end result must be intuitive and anticipate the wants and feelings of the user, whether we provide Android app development services or act as iOS app developers.

Our group interprets this as a never-ending cycle of bilateral encounters. The goal is to develop a seamless digital experience that your users can relate to and understand, as well as an experience that does so.

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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between UI and UX Design?

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UX stands for User Experience. It entails analysing and comprehending how users interact with an app's features. The goal of UX app design is to provide a wonderful visual experience that will convert users into devoted consumers.

The abbreviation UI stands for user interface. Determining how each app element will align on the page in relation to one another is crucial to the app's overall presentation. Icons, colours, buttons, typefaces, photos, and other design elements are specifically included in this. The best possible interaction is the main objective of UI design.

Can I use UX design services after the product launch?

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Every stage of a project's development can be assisted by our user experience services. Even if you've already released the product, it's never too late to improve your user experience.

The earlier, though, the better. We usually advise business owners to perfect the user experience design before beginning the development phase because doing so can help them avoid a lot of stress and expense.

I Have An Existing Website/Mobile App, Can You Take Over?

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For firms that need to update their mobile strategy to achieve objectives and spur growth, our Design Thinking solution is ideal. You might have made an investment in a mobile product that is experiencing slow growth or has fallen short of expectations. This is an opportunity to develop a product more strategically with a detailed product plan in place to generate long-term value and precisely address corporate objectives.

We at Whizwafture support companies looking to grow on new platforms by improving and differentiating the user experience or by creating new products that can help them reach more target markets.

How much do UX design services cost?

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The complexity of the design, the number of features, the number of screens that need to be designed, the category of your product, and many other variables all affect the price of UX design.

Send us an email with your design specifications for a quick quote.

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