Humanising experiences by design

Utilise outstanding product design to draw and hold users

Successful products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also closely matched to user requirements. Building things that your customers will adore using is possible with the correct design tools, processes, and human-centred design thinking.

Validate your ideas

Prototypes should be developed and tested quickly to minimise failure risk.

Attract potential users

Create a visual identity with strong branding to stand out.

Streamline experience

Discover bottlenecks in the user journey and fix them.

Increase engagement

To increase consumer engagement and retention, provide an attractive UI and a seamless UX.

Improve conversions

Earn more leads and sales from your app and website.

Keep your brand consistent

Design visual identity and brand assets for multiple channels.

What we do in Product design?

Elevate your digital products with our product design service

Our areas of expertise span the whole product development process. Whether you are working on a fresh concept or reworking your present solution, a committed product design team will assist you in achieving your business goals swiftly (website, web app, or mobile app).

Product strategy consulting

We will work with you to define your product vision and use our knowledge in the field to provide you advice on winning tactics. We'll do a thorough research of the marketplace competitors, share our knowledge of the business and the market, and offer you specific roadmap suggestions for the advancement of your product.


By bringing everyone involved in the project together in one location, we can increase productivity. Workshops give a team of professionals the chance to quickly identify solutions to all product-related challenges, from the examination of business ideas to the construction of prototypes or a redefinition of the product's scope.

User Experience Design

We'll turn your concept into a fluid user experience. Our presumptions are based on an iterative design approach that involves prototyping and confirming concepts using user testing and input from actual users. To make sure your app is interesting and user-friendly, we will assist you in defining the best user personas and flows.

User Interface Design

We'll see to it that the look and feel of your app charms your users. We design user-friendly web and mobile applications that strengthen your brand identification with distinctive motion graphics. By using the best recognition patterns to your app, our UI specialists boost the market recognition of your product and give users the impression that they are already familiar with the interface.

Create outstanding digital designs by utilising battled-tested techniques

Building engaging user interfaces requires expertise, experience, and precision. The technologies that our designers employ provide the greatest degree of collaboration and the best possible results. Whizwafture enables businesses to provide innovation that addresses genuine human concerns.

Discovery Workshops

During a 2-day Discovery Workshop, uncover the truth about your company's demands. You can discuss your project, your goals, and your vision with us.

Time-Efficient - Give us all of your product's material, in any format, and we'll put up a one- to two-day session filled with exercises and activities. There is no need for endless meetings and email exchanges.

Allows Participation -

Distinct from a straightforward meeting. Workshops reveal the true purpose of your project. Everyone participates equally in scheduled activities and gets the opportunity to contribute and develop ideas. Ideas will be assessed, chosen, and prioritised for the Minimum Viable Product.

Kickoff -

To lay the groundwork and establish project milestones, we will grasp the business objectives, user requirements, and technical viability. A basic user flow mapping and roadmap will be produced.

Information & Planning

We'll create a detailed roadmap for your app together. Planning your application's architecture and user flows will offer you a structured, organised layout that will help your users know where they are in the programme and where to go next.

Organised -

The emphasis on the first kickoffs will not only reveal the must-haves and nice-to-haves, but also the development roadmap, the client's schedule, and a prioritised backlog for the first sprint.

Structured -

Information architecture comes first. The workshop's ideas, information, and discoveries are organised by us. The product is estimated and budgeted. User journeys, site maps, user stories, navigation, and content will all be established.

Planned -

We can take on the role of Product Owner as well. We establish the delivery date, schedule testing, create a timeline, and determine how it will happen by designing the product's process. We evaluate any new features introduced by your competitors.

UX Research & Audits

To base your app on actual insights, involve your consumers in the product creation process. User research reveals the needs, desires, and motivations of the user. After that, take steps to enhance user experience. UX interviews aid in the creation of better software.

Existing Apps -

We will audit your app from the user's perspective and rate it based on intuitiveness, strengths, weaknesses, readability, and user-friendliness using research and evaluation, in-depth interviews, and surveys.

Real Data -

In order to comprehend the user, we gather data in order to make educated decisions rather than assumptions about what they might think, need, or act.

Solutions -

Examining usability and functioning reveals areas that need to be improved. With visual representations of all the components and functionalities, we suggest the changes that will be necessary to address the issues.

UX Design & Testing

Take a test drive with your company's app prototype. A functional, clickable, and navigable app constitutes a prototype design. Testing will confirm your presumptions in the early stages and treat any significant pain points beforehand.

Testing -

With a small test population, examine the app's functionality. We instruct them to utilise the software to achieve a certain objective before examining their usage patterns.

Feedback -

The app's user flow and development are reviewed, and end users provide comments. This reveals areas for improvement.

UI Design

With a new digital product or by updating an out-of-date app, create a stunning and intuitive user experience to delight your users. A design that complies with industry standards and has a brand identity that communicates your core beliefs and unique value propositions.

Custom-Designed -

The previous prototype will be transformed into a beautiful, vibrant app that is tailored to your brand's idea and values in order to get the trust of your users.

User Friendly -

We provide responsive and accessible user interfaces so that more users with a variety of needs and devices may access it.

Tangible business results, right on schedule

2 days

for an estimate

2 weeks

for the prototype

3 months

for the MVP

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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

What is product design?

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A good design can elevate a mediocre product to exceptional status, whereas a vision that is badly implemented can undermine even the best concepts. When it comes to pricing, product positioning, and competitiveness, design frequently becomes a deciding factor. This is undoubtedly true of the vast majority of modern products, but in the web and mobile development industries in particular, the word "product design" has a particularly distinct meaning.

Product design is defined as the process of determining, developing, and testing a product's ability to satisfy a specific market need and address a particular user problem. Therefore, it goes beyond simply giving your application a pleasing appearance. The functioning and potential of the app are the responsibility of product design.

How can I benefit from a Product Design Sprint?

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You will receive specialised answers and advice that will assist you in creating a distinctive value proposition for your current or new clients, depending on the goal of the Product Design Sprint and the initial problem to be solved.

In-depth client interviews regarding their product idea, design thinking, and the agile methodology are a part of product design sprints. Design sprints have successfully improved a number of projects, and clients agree that having a workable product development roadmap or a prevalidated prototype is crucial for making strategic progress.

How much does it cost to design an app?

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The simple answer is: it depends on a lot of things. The best course of action is to speak with one of our specialists to determine the scope of your project and arrive at a valuation because there is no simple way to calculate how much it will cost to construct a product.

Then, in the context of your business needs, our staff will be able to help you make the optimal decision.

Why do I need a UX designer?

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Employing a UX designer will help you discover your users, comprehend their demands and issues, and, as a result, build better solutions to solve those issues.

Enhanced client happiness and higher loyalty are the final results, and both of these are crucial for your company.

Let’s shape and build your vision together

We can assist you in fleshing out your first MVP, go from concept to investment and build a purposeful business relationship. Give us a call, and one of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours.

Our process wraps around your unique business needs.
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