Benefits of usability testing

Testing leads to finding gaps & fixing them

Usability testing is helpful in detecting flaws in a website's and an application's functionality. It enables businesses to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of their products.

Verified Feedback

Get unbiased real user feedback on your product.

Product Validation

Validate the products user experience and satisfaction.

Identify Problems

Identify critical problems/issues with your product.

Reach Business Goals

Verify that the product design reflects the practical application of business choices.

How is Usability Testing conducted?

Make sure your app functions as it should

This is a technique for assessing how simple and practical a website or app is to use. Experts in usability run the test with actual customers. Real user input will be gathered with the intention of modifying and improving the product using the results.


To determine what will be tested and how the results will be measured, a test plan and script are created.


In order to obtain the proper insights, users with ideal qualities are selected.


Users are presented with a design and given tasks and objectives to complete.


Verbal responses and nonverbal indications from users are watched, recorded, and documented.


Problems and issues are identified, distilled, and prioritised.


To maintain a positive user experience, suggestions are given.

We evaluate users behaviour

With usability testing, we get to see what people actually do—what works for them, and what doesn’t—not what we think they would do or even what they think they would do if they were using your product.

Why do you need Usability Testing?

Teams and managers can benefit from testing websites and apps with real users at various design and development phases. Companies can give the appropriate functionality to end customers with the aid of unbiased user input.

Remove Ambiguity -

To get rid of all speculation and presumptions about your goods.

Reach Business Goals -

To eliminate the mismatch between company objectives and user expectations.

Upgrading the product -

An established product can be significantly improved.

Some fun facts about Usability Testing

Here are a few Usability testing truths that are really essential to know.

Support Cost -

After conducting usability testing, support costs were reduced by 80–90%.

Conversion rate -

Following A/B testing, there was an approximate 14% increase in conversion rate and a 20% decrease in support calls.

Development Time -

Usability testing cuts a project's development time by roughly 33% to 50%.

Pre-Development Fix -

Resolving an error after development is 100 times more expensive than fixing it before development.

Usability Testing services we offer

We have expertise with usability testing approaches for clients in a variety of industries.

UX Research lab -

We watch and record user behaviour in our in-house usability lab, which is fully stocked.

Remote Usability Testing -

With moderated or unmoderated usability testing, we can gather input from users all around the world.

Website/Mobile app testing -

We test interactive touch devices, mobile apps, websites, and design prototypes for different platforms like Android & iOS.

User recruitment partners -

To obtain the most insightful data, we reach out to the appropriate users of your product.

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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

When should you perform usability testing?

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When you wish to compare an existing experience to your own, test your present offering to find problems and bottlenecks so you can decide what to work on next.

Throughout the design process Testing basic, low fidelity prototypes all the way up to the finished product will help you make sure you're on the correct track and aren't wasting valuable design and development time on the wrong thing.

When you want to discover more about your rivals and have some understanding of how consumers feel about their products? Nothing prevents you from evaluating the usability of their products.

What does the output of usability testing look like?

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You will receive a thorough report with information on the methodology used, the outcomes of the tests, the conclusions, and actionable suggestions on how to enhance your platform, application, or product.

Each finding will be categorised according to its level of severity and will be supported by information about what the user actually saw and heard.

The findings will be backed with screenshots and possibly brief video clips that highlight key areas that are either operating extremely well or are giving customers trouble.

What are the different kinds of usability testing?

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You have the option of doing usability testing in-person with the participant present in the same room or remotely using video calling software that allows for screen sharing.

Unmoderated testing is another option, in which a participant completes your online survey at their own pace.

What kind of team performs usability testing?

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A project manager, usability analysts, and UX designers are typically involved in usability testing engagements. Team leads and UI designers may also need to be involved in projects with a wider scope.

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