Advantages of native app development

Invest in Native App Development to get maximum performance and user experience

Customers are increasingly more likely to be engaged by mobile touchpoints than by any other channel. Native mobile app development can help you achieve the metrics that are important to your business, whether you're selling products and services, streamlining processes, or creating a community.

Smooth Performance

Native mobile apps run more quickly since the native code is platform-specific. This code consequently directly translates into improved and more fluid performance.

Full Access to Hardware

Access to native APIs give programmers the ability to create apps that have direct access to device functionalities like cameras, GPS antennas, accelerometers, microphones, and more. Contrarily, OS vendors like Apple severely limit the availability of hardware functions in web apps, keeping them several steps behind native programmes in terms of functionality.

User Friendly UI/UX

The makers of operating systems make specific suggestions on how to enhance the user experience: Human Interface Guidelines for iOS and Material Design for Android. It offers a high degree of consistency between applications — users anticipate certain behaviours from apps, and native mobile apps typically meet these expectations.

Better Security

While online apps depend on many browsers and underlying technologies, native apps' safety and security are ensured by the approval of the app store where they were first made available.

Fast New Features Integration

Native apps may instantly start using new software and hardware features given by operating systems and device manufacturers, and integration is simple.

Access Apps in Offline Mode

Native mobile apps, as opposed to hybrid and online applications, are able to run without an Internet connection at all.

What we do in native app development?

Get our native app development services to grow your business

Among all mobile apps, native apps offer the best user experience and display exceptional performance. To match your unique business demands, we can design native mobile applications for you.

iOS App Development

The best iOS native app development is possible thanks to our skilled iOS developers.

Android App Development

With the support of the platform's special capabilities, our Android app developers will help you maximise the functionality of your app and outperform the competition through native Android app development.

Tablet App Development

We offer comprehensive tablet app development services to a range of sectors, including small businesses and major companies.

iPad App Development

We provide you flawless, gorgeous iPad app development services. For the best services in iPad app development, get in touch with us.

Creating native applications for every platform

Our expertise as a Native app development firm allows us to comprehend both your objectives and your financial constraints. As one of the top companies for developing native applications, we have the knowledge to support your business growth and success.

Why choose native mobile app development service?

When compared to hybrid app development, building an app natively results in greater speed, optimised UX, increased scalability, and improved security. Native mobile apps feature sets and functionality can be significantly more comprehensive because they can link directly to a device's hardware components and OS.

Building the mobile app natively will provide you the optimum speed if you intend to include complicated capabilities in it, such as accessing a device's camera, push notifications, or hardware memory.

An app can scale considerably more simply if it can deliver powerful responsiveness to users, maintain a high level of security, and constantly function effectively. Businesses that want to offer huge consumer bases top-notch mobile experiences must be scalable. Furthermore, your user retention and brand reputation increase when an app has excellent functionality and matches the needs of your clients.

How is a cross-platform app different from a native app?

Developers were limited in the early days of the smartphone era to building applications that were native or customised to particular devices, operating systems, and whatever platforms they had to be built on. The ability to create the same software for various platforms emerged as the market and ecosystem for mobile apps expanded. Cross-platform development came about in this way.

Applications created for multiple platforms, typically both Android and iOS, using a single source code are known as cross-platform applications.

The choice between a native or cross-platform development strategy is not an easy one to make. Every project has a distinct set of priorities and circumstances.

What technologies are involved in the creation of native Android apps?

The technologies you decide to use for your native mobile app are an important choice that will have a big impact on how successful it is. The majority of native Android development is written in Java, a flexible and reliable coding language.

Furthermore, developers now have the choice of using Google Java or Google Kotlin because Kotlin is now a recognised programming language.

Whizwafture has a strong team of experts knowledgeable in a variety of different Android development technologies. We will advise you on the appropriate technology to use based on your project's needs and your company's goals during our exploration and planning phase.

What technologies are used in native iOS app development?

Additionally, a variety of technology stacks can be used to create iOS apps. Your needs will determine which one you should use.

Swift is a fairly recent programming language that Apple made available to the general public in 2014. Swift went open-source in 2015. Generics, optionals, type inference, and higher-order functions are all included, abandoning the legacy of Objective-C.

The dynamic typing and message passing computer language Objective-C has been around for a while and is quite well-respected.

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Frequently asked questions

What is native app development?

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The process of creating mobile apps using platform-specific programming languages is known as native mobile app development. When employing a native development strategy, teams create iOS apps using Swift or Objective-C, and Android apps using Kotlin or Java.

Because a native app can interact directly with a device's OS, it opens the door for more specialised capabilities.

Is it possible to secure native apps?

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App security is a holistic concern that needs to be addressed by many different stakeholders. We regularly monitor security requirements and will never publish a product that we deem to be insecure.

We monitor any potential holes through security audits, but we also adhere to external standards like OWASP's ASVS, OTG, or MSTG.

Why is native app development better?

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Native applications are renowned for their remarkable speed and responsiveness since they are created particularly for the platform they will use and are compiled using the core programming language and APIs of that platform.

The hardware and software that are exclusive to that device can be utilised by a native app. This directly leads to the app becoming much more efficient.

How long does it take to develop a native app?

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The nature and intricacy of your project also play a role in this. Typically, the first two weeks are devoted to planning, organising, and discovering. Interface design and workshops usually take place over the next two to four weeks.

Coding, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance are additional tasks. We divide the procedure into cycles that monitor the development and oversee the project schedule.

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