Core benefits of iOS app development

Enhance your brand with iOS application development

Apple's App Store has 2.2 million apps and generates about $25 billion in revenue every quarter. By combining business objectives and smart technology solutions, you can tap into this market to boost your revenue and establish your brand’s image with a professional user base.

Established User Base

Apple has a devoted, established user base that it uses to distribute programmes thanks to its performance and quality.


In the event that you decide to use iOS app development services, you shouldn't be concerned about data security. The finest security assurance is provided by our iPhone app development services for your company.

Outstanding Customer Experience

Users are delighted when hardware and software are integrated well and offer thorough customer support.

Shorter Development Time

With fewer testing variables, iOS apps can be created 28% faster than Android apps.

Revenue Generating

The return on investment for iOS apps is often higher than for Android apps. Our experts advise you on the best methods for maximising the potential for revenue creation from your iOS app.

Effective testing practices

Since iOS is proprietary software, testing and validation are made simpler and there is less fragmentation.

What we do in iOS app development?

Build a competitive advantage with smart iOS app development solutions

Find the top iPhone app development company to produce the best-in-class iOS app for your company. If you already have a vision, our team of professionals can assist you in turning it into reality.

Custom iOS App Development

Swift or Objective-C-based custom iOS applications created to suit your particular business requirements.

Hybrid iOS App Development

We craft cutting-edge hybrid iOS apps that will work consistently on different mobile platforms. Our developers make the best use of frameworks like Flutter or React Native to develop fully-functional hybrid apps.

UX/UI iPhone App Design

Delivering pleasant user experiences through intuitive user interfaces and stunning aesthetics.

iOS App Upgrade

With a full-scale knowledge of the iOS ecosystem, we can provide a hassle-free iOS App Upgrade under our iOS app development services.

Enterprise iOS Apps

We specialise in rolling up enterprise-wide iOS apps for tens of thousands of concurrent users to boost efficiency and productivity.

iOS App Consultation

If you're thinking about making the switch to iOS, our professionals can provide you with the right advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

App Maintenance & Support

Our iOS developers will help you with support and maintenance after the launch to maintain a consistent user experience.

iOS app development - everything you need to know

iPhone is associated with the term "premium." Be it the stunning design, top-notch hardware, user interface, or entire operating system. As a result, your users demand nothing less than perfection from your iOS applications. And Whizwafture supports you in exceeding the high standards of your users by developing perfect iOS apps that adhere to Apple's quality standards and the appropriate tools, technologies, libraries, and SDKs.

What is an iPhone app?

A software application created specifically for Apple's iOS-powered iPhone devices is known as an iPhone app.

The iPhone Operating System is known as iOS. Apple's App Store is where you may find iPhone applications. The iPad and iPod touch, two other Apple products, both support apps created for iOS.

With the help of example code projects from Apple's SDK, iPhone app developers can create their own apps for download.

If you choose to charge for your software, Apple will keep 30% of the proceeds and the developer will keep 70%. You can allow users to download your software for free. In-app purchases, which provide an additional source of income for app creators, are also supported by Apple.

Benefits of native iOS app development

Despite having a smaller market share than Android apps, iOS apps make far more money. Apple consumers spent almost $25 billion on apps and in-app purchases in 2019 (Q2).

Therefore, a successful iOS mobile app development can create new revenue opportunities for your company and provide a significant return on investment.

Each year, Apple introduces new iOS-powered goods to a customer base that is steady, expanding, and tech-savvy, giving iPhone app developers access to this high-potential market.

Because native apps are created specifically for a given operating system, they operate at their best and provide better data security.

iOS apps also profit from the user-friendly, interactive, and highly intuitive iPhone or iPad interface, which offers superior usability and a great user experience.

Whizwafutre’s iOS app development process

From conception to completion, Whizwafture provides services for iOS app development.

With effective project management and communication amongst all stakeholders, our process is agile and transparent.

When you establish your idea and the primary motivation for creating an app, you start the process with iOS strategy and concept. You can use this stage to determine your target market's demands, establish a strategy and concept to provide distinctive value, and define your target market.

The next step is to decide which iOS application development technology to use to create your app. You can employ a variety of technology stacks, including native ones like Swift and Objective-C and cross-platform ones like React Native or Flutter. Choosing the appropriate technology is crucial and is based on the requirements and features of your app.

The iOS UX design features, or how your end user will experience and interact with your app, can then be built by the app development team. This is done while comparing it to the project requirements.

When you are ready to create your app's final version, you may start iOS development and testing. Prior to releasing your software to the market, continuous testing is crucial for finding bugs and problems.

You'll start marketing your app once it's available and maintain it afterward. Whizwafture, a full-service iOS app development firm, also offers this post-launch support to make sure your app continues to succeed after its first release.

What technology stacks do you employ while developing iOS applications?

We employ a variety of technology stacks while developing iOS apps. The one we choose will depend on the details of your project.

The dynamic typing and message passing computer language Objective-C has been around for a while and is quite well-respected. Additionally, it necessitates the division of classes into interface and implementation code blocks.

Swift is a fairly recent programming language that Apple made available to the general public in 2014. Swift went open-source in 2015. Generics, optionals, type inference, and higher-order functions are all included, abandoning the legacy of Objective-C.

React Native and Flutter are two more technology stacks that are suitable for cross-platform development and can provide a shorter time to market.

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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to create an iOS mobile app?

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It depends on the scope and particular requirements of your project. It's similar to asking, "Which car do you want to buy for how much?" What companies can you trust? How many seats are required? Manual or automatic transmission?

Depending on what you want to do with your product and the technology you select to support it, the cost of developing an iOS app will vary. Please send us a brief message, and we'll assist you with estimates.

How long does it take to create an iOS mobile app?

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The size of your project and the features you want to incorporate will again determine this. A typical time span might be 4-6 months, however you can build apps more quickly or take your time to create a work of art.

Great apps take time to develop. The ones we use on a daily basis, like Twitter and Facebook, have hundreds of hours invested in them and work to constantly get better. A full-service iOS app development business can shorten the turnaround time and provide continuous maintenance and support.

Why is it worth developing a mobile app for iOS?

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The creation of iOS mobile apps has several advantages. You can get a high return on investment (ROI) on your development costs since the tech-savvy audience that Apple's brand attracts spends more money on apps than users of other app stores do.

To develop a devoted, engaged audience and improve your brand reputation, you may also benefit from well-established, user-friendly user interfaces and enhanced data security. Low fragmentation and simple testing also make it possible to swiftly test, validate, and promote your software.

Do I own the ownership and the code of my application?

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As a top iOS app development firm, we provide you ownership of the programme and the source code after it is successfully launched on the App Store.

We communicate freely with our clients about source code ownership and project handover before we sign any contract.

Let’s shape and build your vision together

We can assist you in fleshing out your first MVP, go from concept to investment and build a purposeful business relationship. Give us a call, and one of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours.

Our process wraps around your unique business needs.
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