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Our Magento website development services are tailored to your business needs

Whizwafture is a top-notch magento ecommerce website development company where you can find Magento expertise at the top standard. We offer incredibly reliable, seamless, and comprehensive magento services.

Custom Magento Web Development

By building pathways for the visitor to have a beautiful and impressive user interface design, our team makes out the smooth navigation.

Magento Responsive Design

Our skilled Magento web developer ensures a seamless user experience across all devices and operating systems for your business.

Custom Magento Extension Development

You may anticipate extensions that have been approved by the Magento marketplace and code that is bug-free as per Magento standards.

Magento Headless PWA development

By incorporating Headless PWA techniques into your store, you can give your consumers a better app experience and enable your store to mimic a native app for them.

Customised Module Development

Your e-commerce website would function more profitably thanks to our custom module development. Along with module customization, we also provide Magento 2 migration services.

Support & Maintenance

No matter what stage your project is in, our staff offers thorough Magento website support and maintenance services at a competitive price model.

Magento Ecommerce development solutions

A complete ecommerce solution to take your online business idea to the next level

As a top Magento ecommerce website development company, we create solution that have great conversion rates and minimal operational costs. Scalable, engaging, and spectacular magento solutions are provided to companies of all sizes and industries by our team of professionals with extensive industry experience.

Magento ERP Solutions

Using the statistics, our Magento ERP system assists clients in streamlining their regular retail operations and improving customer engagement.

Point of Sale Software

To maintain stability, POS software usually interacts with inventory levels. It solicits product input, adds up the cost and then controls financial activities.

Inventory Management

A methodical approach to collecting, storing and selling inventory, which can be either raw materials or finished goods or both and which includes ordering, shipping and packaging among other things.

Warehouse Management

Starting with the delivery of the goods into a warehouse, it involves processing, managing, and optimising warehouse activities.

Document Management

Software that manages and arranges documents throughout the company. It receives, maintains, stores and tracks documents while cutting down on paper use.

Payment Solutions & Tools

These kinds of services and resources are important for online businesses since they offer a number of advantages and facilitate smooth and quick commercial transactions.

Purchase & Replenishment Solution

One important factor in the success of the seller is timely product acquisition from the supplier. What to buy, how much to buy and when to buy are the three main concerns.

Customer Relationship Solutions

With our Magento on-going support, customer relations are the backbone of a retail business because they affect whether a company can keep its customers.

Shipping & Tracking Solution

The process of selling on the internet includes delivery and tracking. The goal of the function is to increase the reach of the appropriate products.

Wholesale B2B Commerce Solutions

E-commerce sales are now widely available in business-to-business transactions as well as those between businesses.

Whizwafture can provide extensive, smooth and sustained performance with Magento solutions

As a prominent Magento ecommerce website development company, we create systems that have great conversion rates and minimal operational costs. Scalable, engaging, but attractive Magento solutions are provided by our team of professionals with years of industry experience to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Advantages of designing and developing an e-commerce website with Magento :

Thanks to Magento's scalability, businesses may start with a small number of products and easy requirements and then grow without moving platforms to thousands of products and intricate bespoke requirements. Enterprise store owners now have unmatched power to realise their potential and manage enormous client and sales volumes with ease.

With a broad variety of plug-ins and themes to improve customer experience, Magento is the market leader for bigger, more complicated ecommerce websites since it is loaded with tailored features suitable for advanced development.

The leading Magento website development company in Mumbai, Whizwafture, uses Magento's robust feature set and total customizability to best integrate cutting-edge technology for the growth and expansion of your organisation. Businesses have access to the greatest multi retail solutions thanks to our offline solutions and Magento's online storefronts, which offer robust marketing and catalog-management options.

  • Simple installation of new layouts and plug-ins
  • Variety of promotion and discounts on checkout
  • Over 50 different payment gateways
  • Easy third party integrations
  • Program cost-effectiveness
  • Flexible and scalable ecommerce solutions with open source technology
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly configuration

Why choose Whizwafture for Magento Development?

To provide the finest commercial presence in the web domain, Magento provides a dedicated platform with interfacing capabilities for Magento enterprise development. For your e-commerce development, we would identify the most well-known and effective Magento Enterprise Development models.

We have a skilled group of experts who offer full-service Magento software engineering and consulting. Our professionals make sure you have the technology you need to advance your business.

Whizwafture has Magento expertise at an expert level as a leader and top Magento Development Company. Our mission is to offer robust storefront models to our clients, so you may now add and improve features to your online store that will increase its scalability.

Being a leading Magento development company, we guarantee rapid and satisfying solutions for all of our clients. Our Magento development company adheres to conventional Magento development procedures, using the most recent IDEs.

Why Upgrade from Magento 1.9x to Magento 2?

The user experience and performance of Magento 2.0 and later versions have been improved, which streamlines operations and fosters client loyalty. Customers and merchants that are still utilising Magento eCommerce 1.x.x should update to the most recent Magento eCommerce release.

Your website can be upgraded by a Magento 2 development business to improve speed, dependability, and performance. Using the older version of Magento for your website can slow down operations and have an impact on compliance and security.

The following advantages of the new version:

  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Asynchronous and Bulk Web APIs
  • Page Builder
  • Improved Indexing
  • Magento Shipping
  • GraphQL
  • Technology Stack Update
  • Multi-Source Inventory/li>
  • Better Security Tools
  • Declarative Schema

Why build a Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace?

Once you've made the decision to create a marketplace, you need to identify the best approach that will enable you to quickly and affordably create an eCommerce marketplace. There are several alternatives available for you to think about. However, a lot of them fall short in terms of offering the essential functionality, payment gateways, security levels, etc.

Pay great attention to Magento while thinking about how to build an online marketplace. One of the most effective ecommerce systems available today, it distinguishes out from competitors due to its strong feature set, customizability, and offered scalability.

Here are the key advantages you will experience if you choose to create a Magento multivendor marketplace:

  • High performance with Varnish caching
  • Integrated more than 50 payment gateways
  • Good amount of modules and extensions available
  • Simple API and third-party technology integration
  • A version that is free to use and doesn't cost anything
  • For a better mobile experience and lightning-fast speed, full PWA support is provided
  • Unlimited customization and scalability

One of the platforms that works best for creating ecommerce marketplaces is Magento. The Magento firm frequently introduces new features, upgrades, and strengthens security. With Magento, you won't have to worry about PCI Compliance issues because a significant portion of the work is handled by the platform.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you guide me in migrating my current website to the Magento platform?

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Your existing website can be migrated to the Magento or Magento 2 platform with our facility. The upgraded and improved version of Magento is Magento 2. It is the newest and most successful company on the ecommerce platform.

Similar to Magento, Magento 2 is an open-source eCommerce platform. The majority of websites and online retailers are created using this content management system.

What is the support and maintenance period provided by your company?

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All of our clients receive a 90-day support period for Magento web development, which begins once the final milestone has been reached and delivered. You could even continue the support by making additional payments.

We also provide support and maintenance when the project is completed.

Do you provide development support to assist my Magento site integrate payment gateways?

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Yes, we do because we realise that payment gateways are essential to eCommerce businesses. We take effort to include the most well-known payment services.

We serve as consultants for our clients, helping them choose common payment methods.

How long does it take to create an eCommerce store in Magento?

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The amount of time it takes to develop your Magento eCommerce store entirely depends on your needs, the project's complexity, and the functionalities you wish to include.

Contact us and let us know your needs if you want to learn more about the project's duration.

Do you create Magento online stores with mobile responsiveness?

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Yes, we do create a Magento web store that is mobile-friendly. Online, there are numerous platforms accessible for creating storefronts that are mobile-friendly. With the Design-as-a-Service feature of this platform, store owners may turn their existing Magento store into a fully functional, mobile-friendly online store.

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