Benefits of hybrid app development

Create robust multi platform based app experiences

Get high-performance, interactive and scalable apps with the best Hybrid App Development Company. With a “one-code-fits-all” feature, we ensure that your cross platform app looks attractive on each platform and functions the same way.

Reusable Code

Instead of writing new code for each platform, developers can reuse existing code across multiple platforms, which eliminates tedious work.

Easy Maintenance

With hybrid app development, you only need to concentrate on one app because it will run on multiple platforms, making maintenance and updates a breeze.

Fast To Develop

The hybrid app development process is accelerated with the deployment of a single script, which eventually improves management.

Effective Reach To Target Audience

Mobile apps that support several platforms have a greater chance of reaching the intended audience. The fastest approach to get popularity for your app is through hybrid apps.

Less Development Cost

A significant portion of your costs are reduced because you no longer need to spend money developing applications for several platforms. Thanks to the creation of hybrid apps.

Simplified Cloud Integration

It is simple to link hybrid mobile apps with cloud hosting providers. The app can be made more functional by integrating a single code source with a variety of plug-ins and extensions.

What we do in hybrid app development?

Hybrid app development services we offer

Whizwafture promotes adaptable pursuit-grade custom Hybrid Mobile App Development Services to minimise business technical debt. We instill the best business logic that is designed in the most unique and simple way, for engaging functional flow between the screen with great user experience.

Hybrid App UI/UX Design

Our team of developers and professional UI/UX designers create hybrid apps, and they have a wealth of experience creating engaging, user-centered designs that are aesthetically beautiful and functional.

Flutter App Development

We support the creation of robust mobile apps based on Flutter. From concept through product launch, our developers can help you at every step to produce the most impactful end-user experience.

React Native App Development

Our React Native app development services enable you to create hybrid apps that are intelligent, user-friendly, scalable, and feature-rich. This supports your vision and speeds up business growth.

Integration of Hybrid Application

Your current mobile application may seamlessly integrate with any third-party plugins or services by using our hybrid app integration services. For simple app integration, we work with skilled hybrid app developers.

What’s there in tech stack?

Built with the Latest hybrid Technology


Whizwafture, a top cross-platform app development company, produces high quality reliable, performance-driven mobile apps by utilising the best frameworks and tools.

2-in-1 Solution that runs perfectly on both iOS and Android

Whizwafture, a top provider of hybrid application development services, excels at producing native hybrid apps that are highly functional and compatible with all the major platforms. We specialise in delivering on-time Hybrid application development services that are secure, scalable, and sustainable.

What is a hybrid mobile app?

This solution combines both native and web solutions, hence the name hybrid. When a native application is used to encapsulate the web technologies used to create the application's core (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

These programmes can utilise all of the functionality of the mobile device by using plugins. Let's dissect how everything works together so that you may comprehend this strategy better.

The core of a hybrid mobile application is still just a JavaScript, CSS, and HTML application. However, the app is launched from within a native application with its own embedded browser, which is practically invisible to the user, rather than being displayed within the user's browser.

For instance, our application would be displayed using the WKWebView in an iOS application, whereas on Android, the WebView element would be used.

Why choose hybrid mobile app development?

Hybrid mobile app frameworks are used to bridge the gap between native and web apps. They enable web development speed while also providing a personalised user experience through native mobile app development.

It allows you to reuse a significant amount of code, meaning there’s less time and effort to put in. This makes the production both cheaper and faster. For a business, less time spent in development also equals an earlier release and in turn, quicker profits. In addition to that, releasing one cross platform app instead of multiple native apps lets them save on marketing.

These hybrid mobile apps are built with a blend of web standards such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. You can also install them and run them inside a container just like a native app.

Our experienced mobile technology experts build high-performing hybrid apps that deliver excellent engagement and conversions across platforms.

Our hybrid application development process

A seamless and simple user experience immediately sticks with users and helps with brand memory. To accomplish this goal, app development is the tool. Vision, creativity, market insights, and familiarity with the finished product must all be in the appropriate proportions for this.

Whizwafture assists clients with their hybrid app development needs across all the top platforms thanks to years of experience and domain understanding. This is accomplished by treating each work with professionalism.

With this context, the engineers and designers at Whizwafture use SCRUM and Extreme Programming to create the app. The development of business-critical functions comes first, followed by modifications and change requests, thanks to in-depth understanding and prioritisation. Meeting and exceeding client expectations is further ensured via frequent updates, daily status reports, and feedback sessions.

Why Choose Whizwafture for hybrid app development?

It is our core competency to develop hybrid mobile apps. We have a proven track record of deploying numerous hybrid mobile applications for various industries.

We can assist you in creating a custom mobile application at the lowest cost without compromising quality, whether you are a startup or an established company. We have the greatest hybrid mobile app development team in the market, with in-depth expertise in creating a solid and complete solution.

We are a reputable hybrid app development company with an exceptional team that can manage a variety of projects with ease.

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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a native and hybrid app development?

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We use the default language and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for both iOS and Android for developing native apps. With hybrid technology, coding just needs to be done once, and the application may then be distributed on iOS and Android phones.

What are the technologies & frameworks used for hybrid mobile apps?

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While several frameworks can be used for hybrid app development. We at Whizwafture develop apps on powerful technologies that are instrumental in developing a fast user experience without any drop in performance. The top frameworks used by us are Flutter and React Native.

Is it possible to migrate an existing Native app to a React Native application?

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Yes! It will take a little longer to convert an existing Native project to a React Native application than it would to start from scratch. You must collaborate with an accomplished group of React Native App developers to achieve this.

How is data security handled within the hybrid app?

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We use a number of cutting-edge and very effective tools, including mobile device management (MDM), encryption, remote wiping, etc., to assure data protection. We use the most recent security developments from Apple and Google to safeguard Android and iOS apps respectively.

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