Key features of Flutter app development

Some key features of Flutter app development services

Flutter-built mobile applications have a number of advantages and improve the app development process. Let's focus on the key features of Flutter application development :

Single Code Base

Flutter greatly reduces the need for writing different codes for various platforms. Developers can utilize platform-specific APIs using this versatile platform.

Extensive Widget Library

Our developers can create incredibly engaging and adaptive applications for Android and iOS using the extensible widgets of Flutter.

Enhanced User Experience

The most crucial factor is the user experience, and we use Flutter's core capabilities to address this.

Material Design & Cupertino

With a widget library based on both Cupertino (Apple) and Material Design (Google), Flutter gives cross-platform native apps a whole new meaning.

Better Performance

The performance of Flutter apps is comparable to that of native mobile applications. Unlike hybrid apps, Flutter doesn't need bridging to interact with the main operating system.

Dart Advantages

Our Flutter developers can create applications with 60 fps performance using Flutter to plan activities and achieve native performance.

Flutter App development benefits

Develop iOS and Android apps faster using our Flutter development benefits

Being a top Flutter development company, Whizwafture offers a variety of Flutter app development benefits that have aided customers all over the world in achieving their goals. Here are few of them :

Rich Widgets

By mixing various widgets in accordance with the client's business model, Flutter app developers in India create an artistic and meaningful user interface.

Google Firebase Support

Utilizing Google's Firebase as a backend to its fullest potential is made possible by the Flutter framework.

Rapid App Development

A feature-rich Flutter app may be quickly created with great and cutting-edge capabilities like hot reload and a single codebase for the Android and iOS platforms.

Similar to Native App Performance

The performance of a Flutter application will typically be identical from that of a native app, and it will be even more reliable in complicated UI animation scenarios.

Easy App Management

Everything is ready in widgets thanks to Flutter. It makes app balance and customisation simple in accordance with growing requirements.

Expressive Interfaces

With independent widgets, Flutter can help developers create robust interfaces with widgets that are completely customisable.

Increased Time-to-Market Speed

A Flutter app will often require at least two times less man-hours than a similar software developed separately for Android and iOS.

Own Rendering Engine

With Flutter, you can do a tonne of things with your apps that aren't possible on other platforms. It anticipates that the framework will be relatively robust.

Go Beyond Mobile

When developing mobile apps, Flutter can take you quite far. Currently, Flutter desktop embeddings and Flutter for web are available.


If you're an entrepreneur, you prefer a flutter app development platform to build enterprise apps that work effectively on all of the platforms mentioned.

We design next-generation mobile applications for your business using Flutter

Whizwafture is the ideal choice to consider if you want to start your project with the top Flutter app development company in the market. From the beginning to the completion, we work closely with our clients and go above and beyond with post-development maintenance.

Why should you choose Flutter App Development Service?

To create cross-platform mobile, web, and desktop applications, Google developed the Flutter software development kit (SDK). You can create mobile apps quickly using this entire ecosystem, which includes a framework, widgets and tools.

Flutter makes the development of cross-platform mobile apps simple and easy. The two platforms that dominate every business's turnover are Android and iOS. Since creating iOS and Android applications with only a single line of code, Flutter has begun to win the hearts of all developers.

  • Hot reload for faster designing
  • Superb documentation and community
  • Dart is modern and effective
  • Cross cultural accessibility
  • Customizable UI widgets
  • Easy to learn

Why choose Whizwafture for Flutter App Development?

We recognise how crucial it is to have a strong brand image that represents your business. Every app we create with our Flutter developer for iOS, Android, and the web is a flawless representation of the brand it represents.

As a Flutter app development company, we make sure that all of the Material Design & Cupertino components we use in your apps are fully configurable to give your users a Native replica application on every device they use.

A powerful architecture and expressive, flexible UI are the products of combining the feature-rich Flutter SDK with the visually impressive design component.

  • Easy Communication
  • Well Designed Mobile App
  • High Performance & Speed
  • Comprehensive Requirement analysis
  • End-to-end Flutter Development
  • Advanced Security & Scalability

What services Whizwafture provides for Flutter Development?

We develop world-class flutter apps that enable your business to operate more efficiently and with lower operational costs. Additionally, businesses can perform effectively and increase production with little effort. It is not necessary to hire separate programmers for native platforms if you use an app created by our developers. The Flutter SDK package is used to create apps that are highly optimised for native-style platforms and API integrations.

We are one of the top companies in India for developing cross-platform Flutter apps, and our services include the following:

  • Flutter App Development
  • Flutter App Migration
  • Flutter App Ideation & Consulting
  • Flutter App support & Maintenance

What types of apps are possible to develop using Flutter?

Flutter is a Google-developed open-source cross-platform framework for creating cutting-edge applications with extraordinary user interfaces. It creates a space where you can experiment without restrictions.

Dart is a relatively recent but simple programming language that is used by Flutter. Thanks to its pre-built rich widgets, Flutter can handle any complexity level. Our programmers will seamlessly combine native quality and cross-platform adaptability by utilising the Flutter features.

For several industrial sectors, our Flutter mobile app development team can produce cross-platform apps. Listed below are a few of the industries we develop apps for:

  • Banking & finance solutions
  • Retail & ecommerce
  • Travel & tourism solutions
  • E-learning solutions
  • Social networks solution
  • Media & entertainments
  • Logistics & transport solutions

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What people ask?

Frequently asked questions

Flutter vs. React Native: Which is better?

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Both Flutter and React Native have advantages and disadvantages. Flutter, on the other hand, emerged as the winner thanks to features like rich widgets, superior performance, etc. Other specialists in the field believe that Flutter is the future of creating mobile apps.

What's new in Flutter 2.0?

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Developers can create quick and portable applications for every platform using Flutter 2, a significant update to Flutter. With little to no modification, Flutter 2 enables apps to operate on a variety of platforms, including desktop and web.

Can you upgrade my current app into Flutter?

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In order to use Flutter, it must first be installed as a library or module. The user interface of the application is reflected by that module. A module can be created with the Flutter create-t module command. This will launch a brand-new undertaking with a somewhat different framework. By using this technique to create a module, you may separate the main code from the Flutter code.

Is flutter good for startups?

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Flutter is a great option for start-ups because of its effectiveness, dependability, greater performance, and all the features it offers, including the variety of pre-made widgets.

How much does it cost to develop a Flutter application?

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The cost of developing a Flutter app varies on a lot of factors, including the development platform, app categories, app complexity, developer country, and the number of features you require in your app. Contact us with your requests to discover the cost of developing an app.

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